My Second Major Fail

My second major fail was at a party in tenth grade, my second house party of high school.

I was still not completed over Turkish Delight, but she wasn’t on my mind all the time I guess.

Anyway, I was enjoying the party and some way or another, I ended up on top of a couch, and some girl ended up on top of me. She started rubbing my face so I started rubbing hers. And that was all I did for a couple of minutes, staring into her eyes as she stared into mine. A friend of mine, who is a lot better with girls, walked by and placed my hand on her butt. At first, it annoyed me.

I thought “Hey! What the hell is he doing?” But I didn’t move my hand away, and the girl didn’t seem to mind. I thought “Hmm…that’s wierd.” Up until this point I had never kissed a girl and had no idea what to do in this situation.

After some time, the girl hopped off of me. And made out. With every other guy at the party. Including my friend who placed my hand on her ass. Right in front of my eyes. I was so frustrated that I missed out on such an easy girl that I hit on the fat girl and contemplated making out with her, but my game was even too weak for that.

In the end, I got drunk and passed out. That was after all, my second time drinking, and my first time drinking absinthe.

Despite the haze I experienced next morning, the night’s lesson to me was clear.

I could have kissed that girl last night. In fact, hindsight says that it was obvious that she wanted to kiss me, or that I could have kissed her.

I realized that I had no idea how to tell if a girl liked me, wanted to kiss me, or how I should respond to that. I could not read body language at all even if it was as clear as day.

I knew that I had to learn to read the signs.



7 thoughts on “My Second Major Fail

  1. We are paying attention. You have potential, write more. One piece of advice however, never let an opportunity get past you like this. It’s better to be a man and fail, than to have never gone for it.

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