Reflections: Humbling

Getting your ass beat is a humbling experience

Today in boxing class, we went over combinations such as the 1 (jab), 3 (hook), 2 (cross), the 1, 2, 3, and the 2, 3.

After we drilled combinations, we had three mini-bouts. The first two bouts would consist of two timed rounds, where boxers would take turns being offense and defense (you would be offense one round & defense the next).

I went against my drilling partner for the first min-bout. When it was my turn to be defense (the first two mini-bouts consisted of two rounds of alternating defense and offense roles), I took his blows with nonchalance and counterattacked plenty. When it was my turn to be on the offensive I rained blows on him until the round was over. It was almost like drill practice because he got practically no counter punches in. Alternating between striking at his mid section and his head confused him and caught him off guard. At the end of my first min-bout it was clear in my mind that I was the better boxer. I felt good and like a boss.

Then I had to switch for my next mini-bout. The next guy counter-attacked better than I could handle and did the same thing to me I did to my drill partner when he was on the offense. He didn’t telegraph his punches and I could barely get in any counter punches. When I did manage to hit back, he was hitting me at the same time.

By my third min-bout I was tired, but it was an open bout. I was free to attack and defend as I wished. The third guy was not as good as the second guy I boxed, but my tiredness elevated the little skill he had above me. I managed confuse him a couple times by alternating between striking him in the midsection and then going for his head, but by the end, it was clear in my mind that he was the victor of that mini-bout.

Nothing is more humbling than a good ass beating.

And that’s one of the problems of today. People see violence on TV and in the movies all the time, but no one is raised getting their ass kicked anymore. In the past three years I have seen many boys who seem to have ADD or ADHD and act so cocky and stupid. Even the skinny guys who could get their asses beat six ways to Tuesday. I find myself seeing all these douche-bags, wimps, manginas, etc and think, “Man, that kid needs to get an ass whooping.” These kids see all the violence and think it’s okay to be a total ass to someone, but then get surprised when they get hit back.

When I was raised, my father laid down the law. When I didn’t finish my peas when he told me to – Whack! I finished my peas. When I drew on the walls again, despite an admonishment not to, I got the book. Whack! I never drew on the walls again. When I did not clean my room on Sunday like I was supposed to (one sock was out of place), I got the choice between the belt or dinner. Whack! Even if my sister screwed up, she got the book too.

Nowadays with all the commotion about bullying and child abuse, parents and schools are nervous about properly disciplining kids. The lack of discipline (or presence of half-hearted discipline) is the reason why we have so many kids who have ADD or ADHD today. It is not because it is some condition that needs to be drugged to submission.


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