Highschool Girls These Days

What happens to a generation of girls raised on sex on TV, in Movies, and on the computer?

This was taken from Facebook.I know these two girls and they are still in high school.This would have surprised me two years ago. I saw the incoming classes in high school and I could have sworn that the ninth graders wouldn’t have looked out of place in middle school.


4 thoughts on “Highschool Girls These Days

  1. Wald I was just speaking to my classmates about this this evening. Verbalizing this makes it seem like we are some old guys looking back “back in my day” style, but it needs to be said. Shows like 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and the rest of that visual noise are definitely leading children astray. I think parents need to make a stand but they sure aren’t getting much help.

    • That’s the thing, Fearless. We’ll already looking “back in our day” when we’re not even at the age to do so. What does that tell you about our day? It’s several shades of screwed up.

      I believe parents are too afraid to lay down the law because they’re worried about being labeled “child beaters” for using corporal punishment on their children.

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