On Slapping Women

I read Jean-Luc LeGame‘s posts on slapping women a while back and was intrigued by his conclusion that women respond positively to being slapped.

Through personal experience, I could see how girls would enjoy being slapped on the ass but I could not wrap my head around how they would enjoy getting slapped in the face.

I was raised to never hit girls and so even the idea of slapping a girl on the ass used to be a stretch for me. Luckily I got over that, but I always imagined I would receive the worst in retaliation if I ever slapped a girl in the face.

I tried nonetheless to buck my programming and took up the attitude that I believe in equality. That is to say, if a bitch slapped me, I’d slap her right back. Hard. Even alluding to that belief has helped me with girls. Still, I was afraid that one day I’d have to face the music and actually slap a girl to put her back in line. I was afraid that when that moment came, I would be unable to do it and I would be exposed as a pussy.

However, when the time came, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was exciting.

When I was in Germany, there was a girl I met who I hooked up with after two days. I could tell she liked me when I first met her because she touched me a lot, asked me a lot of personal questions, and punched my arm lightly when I made jokes. A week later, when she came over to “watch” Two and Half Men, she slapped me in the face as a joke and I promptly slapped her back. It was a light slap, but she looked at me with what I can only describe as a mixture of shock and arousal. Her mouth was open and she was wide-eyed.

“Why did you do that? You should never hit a girl.”

“Why did you slap me? You slap me, I slap you back.”

‘But I am a girl, you shouldn’t hit girls.”

“Bullshit. You guys fought for equality and now you got it. Deal with it.”

“I don’t want you to ever hit me again.”

“Then don’t slap me, because that’s what you get.”

Next thing I know she is getting cuddly with me and tells me she can’t have sex with me for a week. At first I didn’t get the hint and called shenanigans. When I finally understood, I told her she had nice big lips. She told me that was the first compliment I ever gave her. I then told her that I thought her big lips would look nice, wrapped around my cock. She agreed.

Moral of the story?

Get a back bone and slap your women.


P.S. Jean-Luc LeGame’s posts on Slapping Women:

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12 thoughts on “On Slapping Women

  1. So ironic that my latest 2 posts are about badass persona and ravaging women sexually opposed to making love.

    I gather that it’s all evolutionary from the caveman times lol.

  2. Thanks for the links brother. And I’m glad the slaps worked well for you. The look she gave you, it’s great isn’t it? I remember the first couple times I tried this and got the same shocked but delighted look. It really works great if guys will just have the balls to try it out.

    • It was awesome, but I might have not done had I experienced slapping before. I slapped a girl’s ass really hard one day and didn’t get a bad reaction. That was the first chink in the armor of “never hit a girl”.

  3. Thanks for the links brother. I’m glad the slap worked out well for you. I’m sure the look on her face will stay etched in your mind for some time. The first time you do it to a given girl the look on her face is always priceless.

    PS. It’s the second time I try to write this comment it seems like wordpress doesn’t like me. Hopefully it will show up this time.

  4. I occasionally spar with girls. That involves hitting them. It always arouses me to no end. Not sure if it is mutual, but I think yes. One of the girls seems to provoke it by kicking overly hard in training and claiming I hit her on her tits. She gets it right back. No care if you have a vagina.

    But there is some sense of care even despite the violence. I feel that the arousal mitigates the anger and protects her from me beating her in a way that would not just hurt, but actually damage her. Actually, sparring with girks is challenging because I find it hard to focus only on the fight and not on sex. So I think that girls do have a biological advantage in the sense that beating them hurts you a bit, too. Do you agree?

    • Hitting a girl doesn’t arouse me (that I know of) unless I’m spanking her bottom, clothed or otherwise. After dealing with a few girls who had…exquisite tastes, I’d be curious to try a little more I suppose.

      I usually let girls know, when I think appropriate, that if they raise a hand to me, I’ll raise both of mine back at them. No quarter is given. It’s not something I’d ever like to do – but I’d rather nip it in the bud with a little brutality than suffer a repeat offence. Usually that puts them in their place.

      The few times I’ve had to slap girls back – it was never even really hard. They were just stunned that I’d dare to even do such a thing. And quickly made efforts to extricate themselves from my bad graces lest they find out how hard I might actually slap them, if they provoke a second one.

      I’ve got a few more posts on this I’m sure.

      I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I think there’s a general limit on the amount of violence I’d be willing to visit on a woman, barring special cases. Being willing to deal the damage seems to be more than enough to handle things in most cases. Sadly, or thankfully, depending on how you see it – it seems that women don’t often respect men who refuse to even think about using the superior force they were born with to keep an unruly woman in line (much to their chagrin, those nice, sweet guys).

      If I was wrestling with a girl – my mind my drift to sex – but actually “fighting” a girl, I don’t think it would really do so. Unless the girl figured she lost, stops, and tries her feminine wiles for good measure, in case I’m not done with her yet.

      Depends on the man I think.


      • Guess I have a little sadistic side on myself.

        It is a bit wrestling, too. Muay Thai. The occasional clinch. But it is not a real fight, here is why: She is simply weaker than me. She seems like a cute little kitten who wants to provoke daddy. That kinda got me hot. There is no real danger from her, just that physical kind of shit test. I figure that she was indeed surprised that I did not hesitate to give it back to her.

        It is not so much the hurting part that arouses me. It is simply that act of dominance and putting her in line that makes me hard. It does not even have to be hard, as you say.

        It may depend on whether you do it from the right place of your heart. For instance, if you just decided to do it for the rational purpose of ‘justice’, you may not feel much. But if you let yourself feel the hurt from her and then out of that impulse direct the emotional energy back to her, it is more of an automatic gesture and in my opinion, it then carries a sexual energy.

        On the other hand, there was this old grandma on the street who talked back at me. Frustrated hag, no doubt. I let myself feel hurt and decided (after another incident) that I did not need another lessen. It happened then almost automatically that I called her out as a whore in front of all the bystanders. She was dumbfounded. I told her to get lost if she does not want trouble. I was ready to punch her into the ground and she saw it in my eyes. Nobody intervened. She left.

        I think if all men were connected with their emotions properly, women would never get to treat men bad. Because no man would let them.

        • Eh – maybe you do – maybe you don’t. Sadly the medium of writing doesn’t allow for a large part of the communication process; i.e. tone of voice, facial expression, and body language; to show the rest of what’s under the hood, so to speak.

          When you say Muay Thai and there’s wrestling involved it makes more sense why you describe your thoughts on it the way you do. Also – if the “fight” doesn’t feel like a fight, then it’s easy to see why your mind would drift to other thoughts. The fight or flight response in the body is not far off from sexual arousal either (I believe sexual arousal uses the same system, slightly differently – often why guys like to watch scary movies with girls).

          I completely understand enjoying the act of dominance. I do too.

          That’s an interesting way you speak of with emotions. Sounds like you’re more in tune with your emotions and not in a pansy sense, but self aware. Then you’re able to communicate said emotions back, essentially speaking on the same wavelength (and same language!) as the girl, which is extremely powerful stuff. I don’t have much experience in that realm of things. If you can, I would explore that topic on your blog. I’d certainly like to hear more about it.

          I like your example about the old hag – one because you didn’t let her get away with being a shitty person (if only all men did that, woman would be much nicer!). Secondly – you took your emotions and redirected them which completely neutralized her.

          It brings to mind the common female saying “You’re making me feel bad (about how I make you feel shit)” which is a classic use of emotion to turn a situation around, making her into the victim and you into the bad guy (the exact opposite of what actually is).

          I agree with your last sentence.


          • I will write about it, certainly. It is an exciting topic for me, despite the fact that it is a world view that I have only discovered and started to adopt very recently. The article I linked to in my response to you on my blog is the main source that got me thinking in that direction, as well as No More Mr. Nice Guy.

            The cool thing about it is: You actually FEEL why you are doing it. You are not doing it to lay her. You are doing it to express yourself. Doing it does not feel like scheming, more like laying back and letting your nature take control of it all. It feels a bit weird, actually, because it is so completely effortless. Like a flow.

            Otherwise, you have to be thinking all the time: Is it appropriate to put her in her place here? Was she just joking? Etc, etc. A lot of useless thought baggage. This way, you just feel and intuit automatically how she made you feel and how to appropriately respond to it.

            • Yes. I’m already liking where this is head.

              Emotion, like smell and taste is another topic not often addressed, if not downright papered over and pushed aside, like dust underneath a rug.

              The best ‘game’ or social interaction is when everything fits and is effortless. I fully believe that if one gets one’s head straight and works towards it, one can be effortless in nearly all interactions.


            • Can not reply to that last one, so here goes:

              Definitely! Your comparison with smell is very good. Life becomes more about living than performing.

              I sometimes watch amateur porn. It is often like neither person is really there, both just trying to impress each other or some invisible spectator. Satisfy the strict rules of ‘Sex (Trademark)’. Instead of just letting things unfold. So sex becomes a stressing thing. Life becomes a stressing thing that you actually need time off to ‘cure’ from.

              This was, by the way, one of my major takeaways from the book. About healthy masturbation, especially. Such a profound insight!

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