A Question on The Anatomy of Female Power and Sperm Wars

A while back I read both The Anatomy of Female Power and Sperm Wars.

Both books were very interesting reads that I had a hard time putting down before I finished them.

The Anatomy of Female Power was interesting as it ribbed feminism, the men who allowed it to happen, and in my eyes switched the sexes around. It explained that while it appeared that men where hunting women, it was actually the other way around. In the book, women were hunting men to keep as servants and they used their looks and charm to accomplish that. Society in theory is constructed to aid this phenomenon and there is nothing men can do about it.

Sperm Wars doesn’t really discuss politics but rather sexual dynamics at the basest level. It examens things such as masturbation, the female orgasm, and different sexual strategies through the lens of each sex’s biological imperative. It talks about how men’s sperm often fights direct inside the womb of a woman to successfully inseminate her, the winner taking all and passing on his genes. It talks about how males compete with each other, and that everyone today is a descendant of the man who had the biggest dick. After reading this book I wanted to look everything through the lens of a biological imperative. Nearly everything is explained in this book.

The thing with both of these books is that they detail female mating strategies and their power over men and that’s all fine and well.

The one thing both books fail to discuss is the competition between women for the best mates. The Anatomy of Female Power (to my memory) fails to mention any competition between females and Sperm Wars only vaguely observes that women are attracted to men who have many partners for they have been proven to be biological success. Yet there is still no mention of how females compete between themselves.

For example, a woman may tell her friend that short hair is cute in order to gain an edge (men don’t like short hair).

Where is the discussion on intra-female competition?


10 thoughts on “A Question on The Anatomy of Female Power and Sperm Wars

  1. Nice review of those 2 books.

    I can’t recall reading any of them,but their concepts is pretty much well covered in other such writings.

    Didn’t seem like they hit directly on pre-selction neither(the PUA concept).But I can bet they did.

    • Thanks.

      Sperm Wars hinted at Pre-Selection while The Anatomy of Female Power did not. Both of these books hinted that the female has most if not all the cards to play in the girl-guy game but fail to mention the competition dynamics between women and how that evens the playing field.

      As the saying goes, “A misogynist is someone who hates women as much as they hate each other.”

      • Ok cool.

        I can see how it relates to even every day situations with the sexes.But frankly,the feel that chics have an unbalanced monopoly on the whole thing.I don’t know if that’s due to beta wussies fucking it up for all of us(by pedestalling).

        • We can thank feminism and its poisonous programming for that.

          However I think the pedestalling makes it hard for men who don’t understand how the game works. For those in the know, the pedestalling makes life easier for the fact that we have a leg up, simply by not doing it.

  2. Cool, sounds like an interesting read. Bummer about the lack of intra-female competition.

    I like the brevity of most of your articles. Motivates me to be more succint myself.

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