An Experiment

As I reflected on my post on slapping women, I remembered where I got the testicle fortitude to slap that girl from.

It was in eleventh grade. Towards the end of the year, nothing was happening for me but I noticed a girl who caught my interest. I knew at the time that I could not tell very well if a girl liked me or not, so I decided to experiment.

I decided to consciously touch this girl more and more each time I saw her, pick her up once or twice a week (sometimes in one day), and generally not apologize for any of it.

I bumped into her, moved her out my way instead of walking around her. I played pool with her and mocked her as I won every single time. If I bumped her too hard, I didn’t say sorry. When I picked her up, I spanked her ass while she beat her fists on my back, before I dropped her, laughing to the ground. I sent two texts for every three she sent me and only included two x’s for every three she sent me. She didn’t seem to mind any of it. She never said a word.

One day, as I was walking through the dorm hallway, she was bent over the pool table, taking a shot. I got a running start. Slapped that ass. Hard. A bit harder than I meant to, actually.

Instantly, she crumpled into a heap. She was in pain and I only said, “Wow, that must hurt.”

I didn’t say sorry.

She texted me saying, “I’m gonna get you back for that”

I texted back, “Ooh, I’m shaking in my undergarments”

The next day I saw her again and she told me that I left a red hand print. I still refused to say sorry. I only said, “I didn’t mean to spank you so hard. Next time I’ll do it softer.”

I continued to smack her ass in public and she never complained.

Then one day she invited me back to her house to smoke weed and watch a movie…

…and I didn’t smash it because at the time I was clueless still and didn’t realize what “weed and movies” meant. But I know now. For any young guys like me, weed plus movies means she wants to fuck.

I’ll never forgot how I got away with what I thought was being such a bad guy.


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