Speed Trap Warning

I just saw this on yahoo news. A woman was arrested for holding up a sign warning incoming passerby of a speed trap up ahead.

An officer saw her and immediately walked up to her and start searching her bags, without her consent and told her she was under arrest for a felony, obstruction of justice.

The court documents cite that was in the roadway, a danger to herself and others which was an arrest-able offence.

What does this tell you about those sworn to “serve and protect” and how they will act in the future?


9 thoughts on “Speed Trap Warning

  1. Bunch of powerliking assholes. If they were not backed by an army of big brothers, I would love to take them on.

    Democracy: Because being oppressed by ‘the people’ is still oppression.

      • It is a lie. If I was a Machiavellian tyrant, what would be smarter than to make people believe that it is not me who is oppressing them but rather half of the population that ‘chose’ me?

        • Exactly. A temporary tyrant can be blamed retroactively, until the next tyrant retires, and thus continues the cycle.

          Secondly, if everyone is at fault, then how can you punish who is responsible?

          With a monarchy, you at least know who to blame. And you can kill them.


          • Yeah. But consider the possibility that the leaders we see in the foreground are not the real ones. What if there are people behind it that are pulling the strings? In the simplest sense, that would mean money.

            Exactly. And that whole killing business makes it very exciting. Besides, in a monarchy, it may be easier to find fellow revoluzzers.

            • Oh – of course. That’s part of the reason why democracy sucks. You’re preaching to the choir with those…’hypotheticals’.

              Business is good. Heh.


            • Would be a nice death. Fighting for revolution.

              Unfortunately war is kinda pointless since the advent of guns. Imagine old school ‘book of five rings’ style ninja combat with swords. Really intimate.

            • It’s nice having something to die for period. At least Monarch’s immortalize their rebels when using them as a warning for future generations. The whole thing is more….human.


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