Pro-Tip: Throwing Water Bottles Away

I randomly happened upon this new way of preparing waters bottles before you throw them away that saves space. I’ve never seen anyone else do this though I doubt it hasn’t been thought of before.

Allow me to demonstrate.

First, take your bottle of water that wastes your valuable space.

the offending bottle of water

Good. Now take off the cap and empty (read: drink) the contents.

the offending bottle of water, drained and liberated of its cap

Now crush the water bottle like you would a can of beer (or coke).

crunch it down

Then put the cap on it and you’re done.

big difference, you eco-stud

And voila, you have trash that is less trashy and takes up less space.


7 thoughts on “Pro-Tip: Throwing Water Bottles Away

  1. I actually have done a variation of this for years. I take the cap off and fold the bottom over and over until it’s rolled up like a toothpaste tube and basically the same end result. On the flip side, I try to use as few plastic water bottles as possible. I’d much rather use a more permanent water bottle, preferably an aluminum one that I can wash in the dishwasher and not waste so much damn plastic. It’s RIDICULOUS how much plastic the average person uses.

    • It only takes a couple of seconds to crush the bottle once you’re done with it. It works on bigger bottles too.

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