They’re Trying To Kill You

Old news to those in the know – lip stick, sunscreen, deodorant. Of course, this would never get aired on TV in case people actually believe what they see on the screen.


4 thoughts on “They’re Trying To Kill You

  1. This’ my new take on life;do what you wanna do.

    Humans are terrible at taking advice(however good).Tell them that if they eat potatoes,it will kill them;they’ll still eat it.So humans don’t take advice.

    I used to however,throughout my entire life was the kinda guy who learned about all the things you pointed out here.

    But over the past 2 years,I’ve come to realize that,ok,they say deodorant is bad and kills you.But how many ppl have you known who died of using deodorant?

    My point is jus that ppl should live however,eat whatever,use whatever.’Cause at the end of the day,even if one lives the most safest way:become a Vegan,use none of the products you pointed out,there’s not 1 shred of evidence that he/she will live longer than a meat-eater or someone who uses lips stick.

  2. What an atypical article for you. The author of This is gonna hurt engages in fearmongering.

    But on a level of facts, I have the problem that without reading all those studies, I have no idea which are real, exaggerated, truthful, correctly interpreted, put into the right context etc.

    How much time does a media house spend on such an article? 3 hours? Including the search for images?

    • I don’t actually know. I generally distrust big industries and thought these were entertaining.

      I post all sorts of articles on here. It was only a matter of time until I posted one of these.


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