Satisfy Your Curiosity

If there is one thing I think will make you a little more satisfied with your life, I think it is satisfying your curiosity. Man is a curious creature by nature, and when not shackled by constraints imposed upon him, follows his curiosity to its logical conclusion. It’s how he figured out how to build cities and destroy them all the same.

My curiosity is what led me to game, which led me to the manosphere, which ultimately confirmed my inner feeling that something was wrong with our society today. I continue to read and practice game  and am improving my life, bit by bit.

My curiosity is what led me to start a blog, which at rank 5, 208, 214 out of roughly 644,275,754 websites total, is not doing too bad.

My curiosity has also manifested itself into a bucket list, where items range from milking a cow to sky diving in a kilt in Scotland.

To me – following your curiosity is doing something you want to do because you want to do it – nothing more – nothing less.

And for those afraid to do so, because curiosity killed the cat – remember – you aren’t a pussy – you’re a man.


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