Red Pill of the Week: Eye Contact

 For the next two weeks, I will take the Eye Contact flavor of red pill.

After re-reading all the posts on Eye-Contact game, I will focus on two things concerning Eye Contact for the next two weeks.

1. When I pass people by, I will stare them down, man or woman. I will not try to regulate the distance at which I hold someone’s gaze, just the time I keep it.

2. When talking to someone, I will gaze in a triangle – first I focus on one eye, then the other eye, then the mouth (or chin) and so forth.

3. Randomly, I will focus on people’s forehead for a “power stare” to see what happens.

I encourage anyone who has their own stories concerning the Eye Contact flavor of Red Pill  to share in the comment section below.



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6 thoughts on “Red Pill of the Week: Eye Contact

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  2. Scientologists do this shit a lot in their basic training.

    Was a big deal for me this year, but less scientific than how you do it. I think it is basically the training to not be ashamed of any of your own emotions while facing another. When I started it, I dissociated from my emotions and that hampered my learning.

    These days, I find it a bit silly to do it for anything other than connection. But the habit is still there and the staring down is becoming fun. The fear and shame faded and now it is more of a: What are YOU looking at? Especially fine with my season-inappropriate clothing. People constantly look at me with contempt or wonder and my eyes clearly communicate: Any problem there, brother?

    • I often get the “What are you looking at?” when I gaze upon women with whom I’ve been intimate in some fashion.

      Apparently I have a laser like, critical gaze.

      Probably because I don’t temper it or weaken it.


      • I meant myself, but yeah, people tend to be confused and intimidated by a psycho gaze. Like you, I feel like I would be falsifying my persona if I forced myself to look more mild in those moments – which I used to do more often than now.

        Interesting that sexual acquaintances react in a manner that makes you consider it noteworthy. Would you say that it is generally more intimidating and ‘creepy’ or sexy? Or depending on the girl?

        • I’d say intimidating because the girl can’t tell what I am thinking about her or anything else. I think the idea that she can’t quite read a man, especially one she wishes to be intimate with is a scary thought for a woman.

          It eliminates a lot of their natural advantage in matters of the heart. A man who can read people and keep his thoughts unreadable better than a woman can is a recipe for danger or salvation, depending on the girl or his purpose.


          • Very interesting thoughts. I would have believed they like the mystery, but my own very limited experience suggests the same. I guess I had, in my mind, conflated expressionlessness with dominant facial expressions, thus assuming that girls were attracted to a cold gaze.

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