Last Week’s Red Pill: Eye Contact

For the past week, I have been focusing on running Eye Contact Game.

I’ve been looking people in the eyes as I pass them by, using the triangle, and power staring  freshmen upon occasion.

What I have noticed with eye contact as I passed people by. Some people do indeed lower their gaze (people who I feel I could take on in a fight, and girls). Tall guys often would hold my gaze and then look to the side as they passed me. Some guys would hold my gaze until we were right next to each other (and would have to turn our heads to hold gaze). I was a little uncomfortable holding gaze with guys who were bigger than me and would look to the side or acknowledge, “Hey what’s up?” to break the tensions. Seeing as I am in a military school, which is small, I knew quite a lot of people, so the real end result here is that I ended up talking to people more often and greeting them more often. I will have to run Eye Contact Game again in a foreign place where I know few people to get more conclusive results.

When I did the triangle Eye Contact, I noticed that at first I listened to what someone was saying less, but over time actually heard what someone was saying and was able to think about it in my head. I felt like it slowed down the interaction. My few interactions with teachers (female) seem to have gone well this last week, even one where the teacher accused me of using her for my own gain with disregard to her. I think the triangle game helps interactions with people, and I feel like I do this naturally (BETAs too much, Alphas not enough/just right?).

As for the power stare – I did not do it enough to get discernible, conclusive results. I’ll have to focus on it again.

As for now – I will say Eye Contact definitely is useful if you use it right.


P.S. Bonus points to whoever can guess to whom those eyes in the picture above belong to.


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