Red Pill of the Week: Speaking

For the next week, I will be running Voice Game as my Red Pill of the Week.

That is to say, I will do two things:

1. I will speak slowly, and pause when I need to think about what I say. No filler words.

2. I will use my diaphragm when I speak.

I remember reading someone online that if one speaks slowly, one appears more thoughtful with one’s words (often observed in speeches) and that if one speaks with their diaphragm one appears more confident and powerful. I have seen many speeches and one consistent thing I saw was that those men always spoke up, clearly, and paused when necessary. I also believe that if I slow down my speech, it will have more effect when I need to speak fast.

I used to have a problem with speaking too fast to the point of stuttering and recently it has come up again – perhaps due to stress. I also notice that I speak way too fast when speaking foreign languages such as German or Russian because I enjoy speaking in those tongues and get excited when I do. I hope to slow down my speech so foreigners can understand me too.

As for the diaphragm, the Assistant Commandant here speaks with a booming voice, always using his diaphragm. It is hard to tell by the tone of his voice whether he is angry or not. So people tread carefully in his wake. It is actually when he speaks in a normal tone, that he’s very pissed. It’s interesting see the effect that has on people.

Here’s an interesting video that makes you think about tone of voice:

As always – I’ll get back to you next week on my observations.


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