Last Week’s Red Pill: Speaking

For the past week, I have been focusing on running Voice Game.

I have been focusing on speaking slower and using my diaphragm when I speak, so that I speak louder.

The first thing I have noticed is that it is really hard to change one’s speaking habits in a short period of time, let alone a week. This past week I was able to speak slower with my diaphragm at times, but not all the times as I had hoped. Sometimes I would do this without thinking – like if I’m trying to catch someones attention, “Hey! Stop, you!

However – I did notice things. When I spoke up, clearly, and slowly, people paid attention. Sometimes they are surprised by your voice and listen to you with rapt attention. It seems as if they place higher importance on your words if you speak up, and slowly (kind of how Americans try to speak English slower and louder for foreigners who can’t hear very well).

As I thought about this concept of voice game – I realize that the voice I was hoping to find within myself is very similar if not exactly the same as ‘command voice’.

During my first two weeks here, I underwent training for a week, and then spent a week training new cadets for an intensive nine days. One of the key concepts of instruction is  called ‘command voice’ – i.e. you speak with your diaphragm and slowly so that there is no confusion as to what you expect of the new cadets. There was talk that one should have a presence when speaking which includes voice and body language. That is, one should not slump over and look to the ground when speaking. When you speak to someone or a group of people, you look in their eyes to make sure they are paying attention. And listen those new cadets did.

When I was with a girl over a year ago in a bad part of London, I used my command voice. I thought I heard a group of ruffians coming too close to our “embrace” for my comfort – so I told her “Stop. Follow me.”

Short. Concise. Instant and absolute obedience.

If you have the presence of mind – I strongly encourage you to change your speaking habits as you see fit to resemble the command voice. You don’t need to use it all the time, but being able to switch it on at command is very useful indeed.


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