Lurkers Of The World, Unite!

I saw this post on The Private Man’s blog about lurkers and grew curious about my own blog.

I did this exercise last year and it was quite successful. I’m going to up the stakes. I want 100 new commenters. You don’t have to say anything except the following:

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Location
4. How you found my blog

If you want to give compliments to my blog, I won’t say no. If you have suggestions, speak up. If you think I’m just an old windbag, get off my lawn. If you’re a hater, your comment won’t make it through moderation.

Until I get 100 new commenters, this post stays up. You regulars, stay out of this*. This is between me and my lurkers.

*Regular commenters are encouraged to comment as well.

14 thoughts on “Lurkers Of The World, Unite!

      • No, I have been reading your posts whenever they are available…Since I just started with the red pill about 6 months ago, I have devouring a lot of the “manoshpere”, including yours. You could call me more of a lurker/learner as of now…I do like your writing style…Appreciate your work..keep it up…Thx

      • Your posts are varied from game to lifestyle to social, your tips are helpful, you don’t sound like a loudmouthed pretentious douche.

        These are all good things.

        Your posting frequency is a touch low, not necessarily a bad thing, tho it makes you easy to miss if im not scanning the D.Damage list often. Post on other peoples blogs to if you can.

      • Not long; a couple months.

        I enjoy yours for much the same reason I read M3’s:

        A down–to–earth man that is sharing the steps in his journey.

        I, for one, am glad to know I am not unique in this particular learning process.

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