Man Statement

I don’t remember where I got this man statement, but I thought it was inspiring and saved it to read every now and then.

Thought I’d pass it on:

I am a man, and as a man, I am the King and ruler of my domain.  Anywhere and everywhere I step foot is my territory.  The air I breathe is mine, and those who share it do so because I allow it.  I control my destiny, rule by god-given authority, and am responsible for the emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of my Kingdom.

Any time a woman upsets my Kingdom, it is my fault because she cannot do so unless I give consent. She is in my castle by invitation only, and is therefore a guest who should be gracious and respectful to her host.

Unless she proves herself worthy, she will never be allowed to become a citizen of my country because she is an outsider and her loyalties lie elsewhere. Any and all transgression of the law will be viewed as an act of terrorism against my Kingdom and will result in public humiliation followed by swift punishment.

Should she approach my domain with grace and humility, I will look kindly upon her and allow her to abide with me as long as she is contributing to my society.  Otherwise, she is not my advisor, confidant or Queen, and she will not demand to be treated as such.

I will not be subjected to her emotional turmoil, for her matters are insignificant compared to my duties as Sovereign Ruler.  I will not lower myself from my throne to pay special attention to her, nor will I consider her wants, needs, or wishes above my own or of those in my Kingdom.

If she betrays my Kingdom, off with her head.  If she does not show loyalty to the throne, off with her head, if she does not make a contribution to my Kingdom, off with her head.  If she dares approach my throne without meekness and reverence, off with her head.

I alone am responsible for the prosperity of my Kingdom and its populace.  I will answer to myself for the success or failure of my leadership.  I owe it to myself and to my people to protect the Kingdom from outside forces that would seek to weaken its foundation for personal gain, therefore I will not allow foreigners to influence or change my culture.

I will build walls around my castle and ignore shaming language about being guarded.  I will amass a mighty army and ignore shaming language about being defensive.  I will not be swayed by a woman’s manipulation tactics and ignore shaming language about being jaded.

Every lie I tell and every truth I put forth will have purpose.  Every battle I fight, I will fight to win.  I will rule based on principle and never emotion, thus providing a sense of normalcy and stability for those who rely on my judgment.  I will be the man I would want my son to be, and only commit to a woman whom I would want my daughter to be.  I will lead by example, be kind to the simple, and harshly judge those I deem fools.

I am the King of my domain.  My will be done.



6 thoughts on “Man Statement

  1. It’s from the old Solomon Group, which Dalrock used to have up under It’s down now.

    Thanks for putting this back up, Wald.

    • That was my second choice. I’ve missed that blog, Solomon Group.

      Whatever happened to Solomon Reborn?

      You’re welcome.

  2. 1. Dalrock only republished the ones with no personal information. I don’t know why it was decided that solomonreborn should be taken down other than that they talked, and decided it should come down.

    2. I doubt it.

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