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I was linked to Mommyish’s whinging whine about how single mothers are entitled to loving, devoted husbands by Dr. Illusion.

Here’s a sample of the filth that harridan craps out:

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I am blessed to have an amazing husband. But I cannot imagine ever choosing to be with someone who wouldn’t look at “my son” as “our son” after we were married. I cannot imagine going on more than a single date with someone if I found out they weren’t excited about the “package deal” of dating a single mom. If you aren’t ready to be a parent, you shouldn’t get involved with someone who has a child.

Why is it that I need to feel grateful to a man for being a decent human being? For caring about a child that isn’t his biological son? What type of person wouldn’t watch this beautiful little boy grow up before their eyes and feel some love and affection? That’s not luck, it’s basic human instinct. Of course we love and protect the innocent.

I also found a satirized version of this article, by Leap of Beta, on how dungeons and dragon players are entitled to sweet voluptuous women who put out regularly.

Personally, I could understand what this man meant. I was a dungeon and dragons player when I got married to my wife. I heard more than a couple times that I was lucky. And at the time of course I felt blessed, but not because I was an overweight loser who didn’t deserve love. I felt blessed because every one who finds a partner in life normally feels like they hit a jackpot. My wife felt the same way. I think that reciprocity is the important thing. We both felt lucky, because we had both found people who we loved and respected.

However, according to some of our commenters, there was no reason for my wife to feel lucky. In fact, they think she never should have deigned to marry an American man who expected her to be a loving wife and provide regular sex to someone like me. They think that a woman cooking putting out for me, cooking for me, as an overweight dungeons and dragons player is the height of self sacrifice, and it should never be asked of any woman. More than anything, they think that there was an imbalance in my wife’s and I’s luck. That I’m the lucky one and she’s the poor woman who got duped into marrying a loser with a habit he plays with his friends.



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  1. These plagues. Once chatted with a hot single mom. She tried to shame me for wanting to meet her, but not wanting to commit. It hurt me a lot, poor me, but luckily she failed.

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