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The mandrosphere is as varied in topics as it is in the range of how deep each topic is explored. In terms of game, some men use game solely on the basis of chasing women. Other men call for gaming life itself, and not limiting one’s potential by not applying game’s principles to all areas of one’s life.

More and more I am moving into this camp. There may be other names for this (or different parts of it) such as having charisma, being operational, being savvy, and etc, but the idea is still the same. You want to get the most out of your life for the least amount of effort. That is not to say you can just work smart and not hard – I advocate working both smart and hard. But the harder you work now, the smarter you can work later and not have to work as hard.

As for how I came to write this post:

A couple of weekends ago, on Thanksgiving furlough, I made plans for two girls to come over my house and stay the night. They were going away for Thanksgiving and driving back on Sunday, so I couldn’t spend time with either of them earlier in the week. I assumed one of them would cancel (too tired from driving) so I didn’t think planning for two girls on one night wasn’t sound. I had met them both off POF (foreign girls) and so I know how flaky girls can be. The day they’d be coming, one of them cancelled and one of them, I had not heard from. I made plans with a third girl to watch a movie before I would have met up with a girl who was going to visit for the night. It ended up that both girls that night cancelled on me. So when I saw the movie, with movie girl, she came back to my house to “get directions” and I ended up fucking her that night. Had I not planned to movie, I probably would not have gotten laid that night.

This weekend, I planned to go home to meet up with a Colombiana one night and to meet up with fellow blogger the next day. I couldn’t get any rides from family or friends home, so I started to look into taking a taxi and a bus. The day before I would have left, one person told me they could take me home. I agreed to pay for gas in exchange for the ride. Because I thought I had a sure thing, I neglected to even check taxi or bus rates or times. The next day, when I got ready to go, I went to my friend’s room, and lo and behold, she had already left the previous day. The problem was more due to a failure of communication than anything else, but, had I arranged to take a taxi and bus as a back-up, just in case, I would be getting home right now.

Have a good week end.


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