Not Dead Yet…

I had a conversation with Bill Powell earlier and got my mind blown, as usual. As I get older and more experienced, and look back on my past mistakes, I see one pattern that is constant.

I held back. I didn’t take what I could get. I didn’t even try nearly as hard as I could have. Missed opportunities, missed chances. Looking back on things that are so obvious now. It hurts to count the missed chances, though luckily they are relatively few in number.

I know what the problem is. I didn’t know. I couldn’t conceive of all the opportunities out there. I couldn’t conceive of the chances. I didn’t look past my nose. I focused on the small details and missed the forest for the trees. I met some resistance and would stop. I didn’t drive forward for fear of making a mistake or, ironically, missing out on an opportunity.

What I am saying is, stop waiting around. There is so much to be had in this world if only you take them. It goes without saying that “Winner takes all”. When you get something, don’t stop there. Keep going. Keep going until it is impossible to go further.

Then realize that there is no such thing as impossible. There is no such thing as unattainable. There is iron, blood, sweat, effort, and perseverance  When you are young like me, you those things  in spades. Use them as much as you can. If it’s impossible, it’s not. It takes time, training, and perseverance to do. If something is unattainable, it is not. It takes time, vigilance, and perseverance to get it.

One thing my father taught me is the idea of breathing, from the military. If you’re still breathing, you can still think, and act to complete a mission. As long as you can breathe, you can work towards a goal. As long as you are breathing, time is on your side. If you keep at it, one day, you will have it all.


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