On the Split between Game and MRA in the Manosphere

I’ve been talking about various topics from the Manosphere with my Dad for almost the entirety of the time I’ve been exposed to it. If an article or idea interests me, I send him an email with the link or even bring it up in conversation. Sometimes I even talk to my mom about things. While my parents don’t agree with everything I read or necessarily like all of it, they willingly engage in cross-examination conversation and genuinely discuss issues I am curious about.

For that I am infinitely thankful.

I recently reflected on a conversation I had with my Dad about the apparent split in the Manosphere between Game and MRA. I explained to my Dad what the two camps focus on and why I thought they split.

He took the time to explain to me his story of a previous divorce of his, before he married my mother. Out of respect for him, I dare not go into too much detail – so I will summarize. He got the best female lawyer he could. He took extra steps like recording conversations and doing his due diligence and got to the point where he made his ex-wife look bad in court. So bad, that, despite the judge’s reputation of automatically awarding custody of children to the mother, my dad’s ex-wife’s lawyer came to him with an out of court settlement. He got custody of one child, she got custody of the other. No alimony or child support.

What was his point? He doubted that things are much worse today like from the horror stories I’d recount from the MRA articles I read or the stories I heard about soldiers getting divorce raped by their wives. But even so, he said, he didn’t just let things happen, or watch in horror as the world acted as it is and not how it should. He acted and did what he could to rectify his situation.

It came to me. The biggest split I see between the MRA and the Game is that the MRA adopts the victim position while the Game adopts the aggressor position. It looks like the MRA is trying to follow the same tactics that Feminists use and the Game uses the tactics of Feminists against them. “You think I’m a barbarian Patriarch who beats women? I’ll show you a barbarian!”

For whatever reason it looks like MRAs do not advocate action. There is a lot of “All women are evil, stay away from them.” There is alot of clamour to use the political system to fix things. There is a lot of, there is no such thing as game, just talk to them.  In counterpoint, the Game advocates improving your health, fitness, state of mind, and gives you the tools to deal with vapid western women and tells you where to find women aren’t. The MRAs sound like the Turkey who runs around screaming, “The sky is falling! We’re all gonna die!” The Game gives men hope.

This is not to say that MRA side is useless. I believe they are still important in bringing about awareness so that one is not completely oblivious to the nature of women and how they can screw you over in today’s society. When they recounted hundreds of False Rape Accusations, the Game came up with methods on how to combat buyer’s remorse and use texting to create evidence that would help you in court. When the MRAs tell us about the ‘Male Rape’ whereby a woman cuckholds a man or claims she got pregnant by you, Game tells you how to find your ballsack and get DNA testing and to call that dumb bitch’s bluff and/or how to be conservative with personal information so that the girl cannot track you down and trap you. When the MRA recounts horror stories of women beating their husbands Game tells you to give them the equality they asked for. When MRA gets everyone in tears with a heart rendering story about an honest man destroyed by a vindictive eat, pray, love wife, Game tells you how to spot the women more likely to do that so you can pump and dump and how to spot the women who won’t, should you be crazy enough to still want to get married despite all you’ve learned about today’s state of affairs.

I am of the opinion that while both sides have their disagreements and pick at each other, they are two sides of the same coin. Yin and yang. In fact, I think a lot of men start in the MRA side and go onto the Game side. Some men don’t leave. Other men start in the Game side and never find need to visit the MRA.

I myself got into both sides and watched them parallel. I now no longer visit any MRA sites because I have a general idea of what’s out there and how to avoid it. I will never forget what I learned, but I am focusing on other things now. Every now and then a particular story grabs my attention, especially if the mainstream media accidentally concedes what we all knew all along. But at the end of the day, I have outgrown the MRA.

As for the future of the MRA, I cannot comment. I only hope that they continue to persist by opening the eyes of young and old men alike, to the pitfalls of the blue pill today, that those men may do something about it.

The common cliche goes, “The first step to solving a problem is knowing what it is.” In terms of solving today’s problem, the MRA section is step one. The Game section is step two.


6 thoughts on “On the Split between Game and MRA in the Manosphere

  1. The Game side is the side that says, “I accept an unjust system, I just want to worm my way though and be the exception to the rule.” It gives you tips to be the exception, but at the end of the day its just hoping you get lucky.

    It is ultimately a nihilist position. One that says its okay if everything goes to hell as long as I somehow squeeze a little corner out for myself.

    • It’s not so much that the Game side accepts the unjust system, but actually the Game side accepts that the unjust system exists and is not likely to change anytime soon. Therefore you learn how to game to system and avoid the pot holes inherent within it and that result in following the rules.

      As for me, I do not believe I get lucky – I believe that I make my own luck.

      I do not think it is okay if everything goes to hell. I do understand that there is little I can do to change it, at least for right now.I seek to empower myself and game the system until I get to a point where I can change the system or make a new, competing system.

      Sure, you may call that squeezing a little corner for myself, call it what you want. But what you miss is that, I intend to enlarge my corner and invite more people the join. The more who join, the larger we can make our corner.

  2. I think the simplest way to view it is:

    Game-individual action plan for self
    MRA-action plan to achieve social justice and equality for all

    Everyone is capable of learning about, adopting and utilizing game. Some will do better than others, some will not attempt at all because they are too plugged in to the matrix.

    Should they be allowed to be eaten by the system?

    I am pro PUA and pro game as they are tools to allow individual men to become better. But i am pro MRA and MRM because i don’t ascribe to a justice system that allows 2 people to commit the same crime with differing consequences. Nor do i ascribe to a system that places one gender above the other anymore than i would to a system that allowed people to move ahead in the line for organ transplants just because they can buy one.

    Both PUA and MRA serve a function. Sometimes they overlap.. sometimes they like to bitch at one another. Neither is irrelevant.

    PUA’s teach you how to fight outside the system.
    MRA’s fight for those who have the most to lose still trapped within the system.

    Neither is wrong or better than the other. They’re both needed.

  3. “For that I am infinitely thankful.”

    Yeah, you should be. You are one lucky motherfucker.

    The wisdom that this kind of relationship gave you shines through in this balanced article. I envy the intellectual nurturance you received. Very nice.

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