Bang Ukraine: A Work of Love

Roosh V recently published his latest book, Bang Ukraine.

He was kind enough to provide me with a review copy, so I’m reviewing his book to return the favor.

I found that the book was well written with no obvious spelling errors or grammar mistakes as always. Some people may be annoyed by the constant use of Kharkiv because they think Kharkov is correct, but it turns out that Kharkiv is correct.

Roosh’s writing has improved over time and it really shows in this book, his tenth travel book, and last labor of love. His humor is dry and subtle but does not take away from all the good information that people seek these books out for. His combination of wit and and accurate inferences from boots on the ground experience make his book a pleasure to read and a key resource to refer to when one wishes to be Ukraine bound in the near future or is already in trenches with the best of them.

His information is clearly formatted in easy to find chunks in the table of contents and the story is as easy to follow as it is a pleasure to read. One does not have to read the whole book more than once to find out what type of game plan it is that Roosh is trying to explain to you. As it is his last labor of love, this book is the longest in the series and the anecdotes about the Danish cockblocking incident brought me to laughter with near tears in my eyes. Of course, my favorite part about Roosh is his book reads as a story of a fellow human forging a path ahead on his journey of life. I could not help but feel a lump in my throat with how well he handled his relationship with the Ukrainian teacher even as he could see and feel himself fading from it. No one can possibly read this book and conclude that Roosh is not human, like yourself. For that reason, I hope with all my heart that he keeps writing, even if only for the refreshment reading his prose brings.

Of course there are other reviews by bloggers who wax more eloquent than I can here.My favorite one is by Kid Strangelove, take a look.


P.S. You can buy the book here.

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