Reblog: Mike makes a breakthrough

I recently read this post at The Red Pill Room. It made me laugh and brought a smile to my face.

Here’s an excerpt:

 A friend of mine had a red pill breakthrough I’d like to share.

He’s a nice guy, and a Nice Guy, a Beta (actually, more of a Delta or Gamma, but we’ll use the alpha/beta dichotomy in this instance) in his late 30s who has been in and out of relationships his entire life.  He often makes poor choices when it comes to mate selection, and once he’s in a relationship he loses Alpha at a predictable rate . . . with predictable results.

He’s got a sister, whom he’s somewhat close to, and his sister has a friend – let’s call her Candy – who he’s not particularly close to but who has been a part of his life because she’s his sister’s BFF.  As he explained, she’s flaky as hell and irresponsible about just about everything, can’t seem to keep a man or a job (she’s a dog groomer), and spends her life, well, like a 30 something flaky chick usually does.  She hasn’t hit the Wall yet, apparently, but it’s right around the corner, and she’s got no idea.

Anyway, Candy is about a 7 on a good day, a 6 normally, and is headed for Fiveland on the evening bus.  My friend – let’s call him Mike – is comparable, having recently completed a technical degree and started a new job, as well as working out a bit.  Mike was attracted to Candy once, years ago, but her personality and proximity soon made her a woman to tolerate, not to date.  Besides, as his sisters BFF, she was hands-off.

But Mike is a Nice Guy, and over the years he’s been forced to do all sorts of shit for her out of politeness and filial duty to his sister.  At this point, he can’t stand her much at all, but she’s still under the impression that he’s been harboring a secret crush for all these years.

Last month, Candy apparently broke up with her boyfriend – again – lost her job – again – and had to move out of her apartment – again.  Mike lives over an hour away, within driving distance, but his new job makes it hard for him to go visit his sister often.  He thinks it’s a comfortable distance for kin, but apparently not enough to make him Candy-proof.  She called him up one Saturday morning, and he’d just read something I’d written over coffee, and he was feeling . . . rebellious.

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5 thoughts on “Reblog: Mike makes a breakthrough

  1. Damn, I want to punch something. Seeing how much this story still angers me, I am far from being where I want to be.

    I once helped a female friend move. Few weeks ago I put it into my mind to tell everybody my honest opinion in hindsight. I wrote her that it had been stupid for me to do that without getting sex in return. Felt pretty alone and godless while writing that shit. That was just one of many. One girl I seem to have insulted so much that her boyfriend called me and I am sure we would have gotten into a fight, had he lived anywhere near. But I do not regret it.

    Good thing is, I no longer do favors to women. Neither do I accept notions of friendship. It is quite a relief.

    Great to read I am not alone with this sort of bullshit. Man, life can be humiliating.

    • It depends on the relationship with the girl. As soon as you are not worried about her being mad at you, her power over you begins to evaporate. Sisters can still get past this a bit, as mine used to, but I’ve pissed her off multiple times and shown more backbone than she was comfortable with.

      At this point, even though I can’t see it, I think my sister has more respect and appreciation for me now, because of it.

      I’m not all the way there yet. But I will be. And so will you, one day.


      • I guess that after writing my mother that I want her to die, my tolerance for female indignation is pretty high. These days, I actually find it harder to be true to myself towards men. On one hand, I do not quite have that interaction figured out. On the other hand, there is still the big issue with my das that has not yet found expression. Essentially, I feel outcast, as a man deemed me unworthy of his leadership. That feeling of perceived contempt and disrespect is something I involuntarily project on all my male interactions.

        • That will take you a while to get around.

          For the record – I feel neither contempt nor disrespect to you.

          I respect your willingness to write down your thoughts on the page that must hurt to write, especially since they often put you in a bad light.

          I appreciate you commenting here as often as you do.


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