A Small Thought On Facebook

I remember reading a post at Roissy’s last year about an alpha facebook comment:

Here is decent Facebook game:

There was a very attractive girl, a verbatim 9, who had self-shot herself. She was smiling with even white teeth, managing to angle the shot just right so that you could see her sitting with shorts, her legs revealed.

Five people liked it.

White Beta Male with his name written in katakana: Radiant.

Beta Male twice her age: Your always so beautiful!!

Grrlfriend: so pretty~!

Chick with a mirror shot: Man I wanna pierce my nose soooo bad! I like the hoop on you :)

AzN Beta: Bang’n

Duckfaced Douchebag: holy sheeet

Me: I like your left eye better.

She immediately responded to me, and to me alone: “Hahaha!”

I’ve tested this out. I’ve always gotten a like or some sort of response. I also tried another thing, for shits and giggles:

Me: Yikes! I didn’t know you were part Bulgarian

Her: Huh bulgarian ? how

I’ve always gotten a response to that too. I’ve never liked any of these pictures. Or comment with anything else (anymore). I rarely add pictures (people add pictures of me) and don’t add any information anymore. I don’t have my full name on it. I have an email on there that I never use except to log-on. I have a hard time deleting my facebook for good, because it’s hard to keep in touch with my friends otherwise. Perhaps that will change soon. When I do, I’ll change the name, falsify all the information, change all the contact information to fake emails, take down the photos, un-tag myself from my friends’ pictures and let my friends who matter know what I’m up to and how they can keep in touch. Maybe I’ll just get a twitter and friend everybody I know on there.


5 thoughts on “A Small Thought On Facebook

  1. I’ve never understood the whole “I want to delete my facebook” thought process. Sure, there’s some major downsides to it, but overall if you employ judicious security settings and keep your whore-friending to a minimum it can be pretty useful and can be a great networking tool.

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  3. Ah, the peace of mind that comes from having no friends but a small handful.

    It is curious, this comment behavior. I used to write things like ‘sexy’, too, because I wanted to be honest. Now it just feels wrong.

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