An Evolution In [Text] Game

Short post today because I’m busy tonight (and this week) in general:

Yesterday, while walking back from a museum I went to for an excursion assignment from class, I saw a cute girl walking towards me on the way back to the S-Bahn station. I stopped her:

“Entschuldigung, weisst du wo die S-Bahn ist?”

“Excuse me, do you know where the street train is?”

“Nein, weiss nicht. Kann nicht so gut Deusch.”

No, I don’t know. I can’t speak very good German”

Of course I knew where the station, but nevertheless I switched to English. We got to talking as I asked where she was from and what she was doing in my city. Turns out she was from Mexico and was in Berlin on vacation, though she is studying in Ireland to improve her English. I told her a little bit of my deal in return and then told her that I planned to make a trip to Mexico in the summer, or near future, but that I know nothing about Mexico. I told her that tomorrow I’ll take her somewhere she hasn’t been before and then she can tell me about Mexico.

I handed my phone to her for her to type her number in. When calling her number appeared to not work, I typed my number into her phone and called my phone from hers. Success. I asked if she had a camera and took a photo of us together when she replied affirmatively. If I had known how to attach that number to me calling her or texting her (to come up when I do so, I would have done that as well). Hat-tip to Makaveli for that.

We briefly discussed farewell customs (how many kisses on the cheek and Western girls shaking hands with men) and then said our good byes.

Today I tried to call her. No dice. I quickly remembered that my stubborn generation refuses to call. I waited roughly a little over and hour and texted:

“Oi! I’m going to Mehringdamm tonight. What time are you able to meet me there?”

In the past I would have asked if she wanted to go out. Or if she still wanted to go. Instead, there was a subtle assumption that she was going. She replied in 15 seconds.

Her: “I don’t know where is that?”

Me: “If you look on the S-Bahn map, it is two stops from Yorkstraße”

Her: “Ok, I’ll try to go. If I go, I’ll text you.”

When I was writing this post, I hadn’t yet texted her. I sent:

“I’ll meet you at the station at around 2000hrs. Wear something nice.”

We met not far from here.

We’ll see how this plays out. Worst case, I will have enjoyed a beer and some pool games.


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