Follow Up: Anti-Flaking Idea

So, the other day, the Mexican girl flaked. Unsurprisingly in retrospect.

I send her a text after I got the bar:

I’m not far

Sorry I am not going tonight. Have fun.

Where I come from, you send a text ahead of time if you’re not going.

They second text didn’t do anything. I’m pretty sure it sounded butthurt. But I sent it trying to find a good way to shame the flaking phenomenon. Reflecting on the issue, I think I have it:

Sorry I am not going tonight. Have fun.


What? Why is that wierd?

I thought normal girls text ahead of time if they don’t show up…


Something along those lines, making her feel wierd, using her herd instinct against her.

What do you all think?


8 thoughts on “Follow Up: Anti-Flaking Idea

  1. I think that if you’re at a bar, and it’s 7:30, and she said she’d be there at 7, you text her with the first text: Hey, I got tied up at work. “Can’t make it tonight. Rain check?”

    That way she thinks you flaked on her first. Then go radio silence.

    I don’t think any of the other lines are really worth it. Too much risk of coming off all butthurt. There are too many women out there to have a chasing mentality. Next her, go to strict radio silence, look for other opportunities.

    If you want to try to resurrect her later, use a mass text, or a “oops, that wasn’t for you” text. But most of the time, it’s not worth the bother.

    Bottom line, flaking is a sign of displaying insufficient value, and/or insufficient sexual tension, which often go hand in hand. Build value first, then turn up the sexual heat. When you do that, the flaking will diminish greatly.

  2. She was leaving the next day to go back to her university study program in Ireland. I was not destroying any chance I had to recover because there was nothing to recover.

    Still, I understand your point about what flaking is about.

    • It was indeed. I still walked about afterwards to do something useful with my time, and this thought experiment came up, so I posted it.

      What do you think of my idea anyway?

      • It’s a good idea mate, you can use it the next time you get a flake, but I don’t think you’ll get many mate. You’re a good lad and got your shit together, Matt has so many different flake strategies, he’s even got girls out who’ve flaked to show up, send him a message.

  3. The second one is better, but if a girl has flaked, and not even had the courtesy to text ahead of time to tell you then a) it’s already a lost cause and b) I wouldn’t even entertain giving such a rude bitch a single more iota of my valuable mental energy

  4. I like the second one. Try to make the second reply even more mean: I think you know.

    Will probably only work on the weak willed, though.

    Me, I find the games too tiresome. I would go with a simple: Fuck you then.

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