Meanwhile in Belgium

I’ve been in Belgium for the past week, in a hostel, on a vacation/tour of the country. My camera died on the second or third day, but my internet finally started working reliably. Hence this post. Not much has happened game-wise, though I did meet man in a bookstore the other day and we instantly connected and spoke for over an hour until I had to leave. I got his email and will remain in contact with him. He has similar view points to mine, and has been through similar things, though I am not sure if he is red pill. Koanic Soul, would have lots to tell you about that. The conversation went from talking about stereotypical Russian business practices to him telling me that I had an aura around me and a look in my eyes that I would be going places. Curious, I asked why and the conversation went famously from there.

Pictures are a bitch to upload with this internet it seems. I’ll put some up as soon as I can.


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Belgium

  1. Encouragement like that from someone who doesn’t know you at all will always resound the most. He has no reason to tell you anything like that other than the fact that he genuinely believe it to be true.

      • I’m sure that wasn’t the case. He told me about his history with women and how he didn’t get into another proper relationship until he was 28.

        For all other girls, he told them, “You can bring drinks, your toothbrush and shampoo, but you can’t bring your clothes.”

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