Meanwhile in Belgium Part 2

I’m in a cafe eating Lasagna and there is a wonderfully good connection to the internet here. So without further ado, I present to you, pictures, from Brussels to Brugges.

Some of the old walls – Brussels

Chiseled Bitches

He careth not for the lamentations of the wench

Shopping area. Similar to the “Arcade(s)” in London near Saville Row.

Brewery on the left, townhouse on the right

I saw this hat store on a tour but didn’t have time to stop. After the tour was over, it took me three hours to find this place. Of course I bought a hat.

Looks like Notre Dame in Paris.

A party in underneath a train station. Was good fun. Unfortunately, I apparently took an hour long video which meant I could only take a few pictures the next day.

Chocolate Boxes containing chocolates, made of chocolate.

The Virgin Mary – the “untouched” woman is the only touchable statue in the Cathedral as of now. Methinks someone’s a skeptic.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Belgium Part 2

    • I didn’t take a picture of the hat, because my camera is out of battery. I’ll do a random post in the future, when the hat is less personally identifying.

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