Weekly Poem: On German Character

I used to love writing poems before I wrote them about girls, and I intend to get back to writing them more, seeing as they’re fun to write and people still seem to think they aren’t so bad. More importantly, I still enjoy writing them. After writing my little bit on Bill Powell’s blog, I’ve decided to write a poem once a week on this blog.

Today’s poem will be in German.

“Ordnung ist schön,

Ordnung ist fein,

In allen Bezirken des Lebens,

Muss es immer sein.”


5 thoughts on “Weekly Poem: On German Character

  1. The use of the word ‘Bezirk’ feels off. It is quite a specific word, related to parts of a city. ‘Bereich’ would be better, but sounds worse.

    Last sentence must be ‘Muss sie immer sein’; ‘Ordnung’ is female.

    • Yeah – Bereich. Or maybe Gebiet.

      You’re correct that Ordnung is female. I’ll leave it be, as a reminder to myself for the future.



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