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I recently read a post from Vox Day in between ironing my shirt, called, You Can’t Get What You Don’t Admit You Want. I wholeheartedly agree – here’s an excerpt:

Captain Capitalism exposes the instilled cowardice of today’s young Deltas and Gammas:

I did a seminar recently at the U of MN Duluth.  It was my “Why Gen Y is Completely, Totally and Hopelessly Screwed” seminar.  And while admittedly the seminar is not the politest or most adroit speech, when it came to the “What were you told you SHOULD like in the opposite sex” portion of the lecture, an interesting thing happened.  I asked the young men in the audience what they found attractive in a woman.  Not what they were told to like, but what they in fact did like.

Not one of them answered.

OH, they KNEW the answers, their sheepish faces and smirks gave that away, but they couldn’t answer for they feared what the repercussions would be.

Observing this phenomeon right in front of me, I took the opportunity to point out something so sad, but so very true.  I said

“My god, look at how brainwashed they have you guys.  You can’t even speak the truth.”

I then bellowed out the truth….

So, if any of you ladies are unsure of what I like in case you want to send the occasional marriage proposal through my contact page, I’ll lay it out for you:

1. Booty: You must have a nice booty. I’m an unashamed ass man. Something like the girl below:

2. Tits: For me, tits are like beer. As long as they aren’t flat, I’m not bothered about the size.

3. Hair: You will have long flowing hair. If you ever cut your shorter than your shoulders, it’s over.

4. Face If you’ve got a face only a mother could love, don’t expect that to change any time soon. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Don’t sleep with make up on.

5. Attitude: Sweet, feminine, and submissive.

6. Cooking: If I know how to cook better than you, you are wrong.


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  1. “My god, look at how brainwashed they have you guys. You can’t even speak the truth.”

    Yeah that’s what two generations of feminism/pedestalizing women, and no male role models does to young men. As Jefferson said: ‘man is an immitative creature’ and if young men have only emasculated men and old women to emulate then how’re they expected to mature into manhood?

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