Poem of the Week: World Domination

“Heel thou minion, heed these words,

Listen well, or suffer my worst,

Far and wide, shalt thou ride,

Scout first, then conquer, divide,

Before my legions, the enemy will cry,

A quick death, they shall be denied,

Those who cross me, slow cooked and fried,

And for those who make attempt on my life,

Incur death upon family, friend, and tribe,

For those who resist from inside,

There’s no place, to run or to hide,

Nations and Empires fall to my design,

My victory pre-ordained and seemingly divine,

When those who remain, they to me the world consign,

To lick my boot, they will all vie!

At long last, the campaign is won,

My will’s been done, my kingdom has come,

Across my dominion, never sets the sun,

Long dead or gone, my enemies’ blood has run,

My forces and supporters have much to gain,

Former minions and lackies rise to Thane,

Those K-Warriors, have earned my love,

Our triumph shall raise man above,

From the foul depths from which he has sunk,

Of which acts he commited, sins bore the brunt,

A new wondrous land, should been seen then,

Our very own, a veritable, Garden of Eden.”


4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: World Domination

    • Hah! I wish I was that good.

      For now I write poems/songs and play a little piano. Unless I get really good with the piano, nary shall the too meet.

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