A Self Analysis of My Game 2

Things have changed since my last Self Analysis of My Game.

Looking at my checklist I have accomplished two out of three:

1. I don’t know how to cold approach. I need to approach more girls. [Accomplished]

2. I don’t know how to dance. I need to keep up with Salsa.

3. I think too much. Instead of wasting time thinking about past mistakes, I need to go make new ones and learn from those. [Accomplished]

I’ve been talking to more people on the streets. More girls of course, but anybody and everybody. If I get curious I follow it. I try not to let too much time elapse or I may get caught up in my own head, but generally I have been more extroverted on the street. I can’t say I have gotten laid from this – but I am sure it is good practice and if I keep it up, I shall be rewarded for my efforts. If anything it makes me more outgoing and is fun.

I have not kept up with Salsa. Mostly because I’ve been too lazy to go and I got sick for two weeks where I didn’t feel up to it. In hindsight I should have told my weak flesh to fuck off and have gone anyway. I’ll have to do some catch up this summer.

I’ve been thinking somewhat less I suppose. The biggest innovation is I stop fighting it. I let it pass or distract myself by thinking of something else. This allows thoughts and emotions to wash over me, like a rock, instead of bowling me over like a sapling tree caught in a hurricane.

Now I see a new problem on the horizon. Getting numbers is no longer than hard for me.  Getting girls to a place to bang is not so hard. What is hard however, is escalation. Escalation is a sticking point for me. I’ve noticed that I’ve mostly encountered this problem with younger girls 18 years old or around my age. Girls above 26 are no problem to escalate.  But with younger girls I don’t escalate as fast as I could.

I think half the reason is that I enjoy the initial seduction leading up to the kiss. The knowledge that a girl wants to kiss me and I can kiss her at my leisure is intoxicating. But the other half is I am afraid. Not of the kiss – but of what comes after. I have no experience or even real clue on how to defeat last-minute resistance because I’ve never really encountered any before. I’m not sure how to push past it and or make a girl really emotional and horny before she can get back into logical thinking and resist me. And I’m not sure how to “practice” without incurring undesirable consequences. With a foreign girl I worry less – but with an American girl I still hold back.

I guess it may also be the case that I have higher standards, expecting girls to put out right away. But I have neither the experience nor the skill that comes with it in these endeavor. I also lack the unwavering confidence in this arena which hampers my progress for sure.

So my next checklist:

1. I need to acquire more notches/flags to attain more experience.

2. I should act completely confident even if I am not. The practice of not freaking out when things don’t go my way initially will be very helpful.

3. I need to learn more about last-minute resistance to understand before I can reliably conquer it.


9 thoughts on “A Self Analysis of My Game 2

  1. Regarding last minute resistance, I recommend kissing girls on the neck. Most girls just melt at that. It’s also easy to do it somewhat slyly. Next comes hand on thigh, moving upwards.

    If she’s putting up a wall, just back off a bit and focus on something else, as if you’re not very interested in banging. Then pounce later. Sometimes girls have to be finessed open.

  2. LMR is pretty easy to defeat with a simple method.

    Escalate as far as the girl will allow before she stops you, then freeze her out. Take your arm from around her, shift your body language away, and pretend to be absorbed in the movie on your TV or whatever (it’s easier if there’s something else to distract whilst it’s going on).

    Within 10 minutes, she’ll be snuggling back up to you, desperate to get your attention back. “Reward” her with your arm back around her, start kissing, and then escalate as far as you can again before she stops you.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  3. big opportunity coming for you with your travels to collect some flags.

    I like yousowould’s method of overcoming LMR, I use a similar one where I pre-empt LMR by saying things like “This is going to fast, we should slow down” and comments like that every 5 minutes or so all the way till the lay has started.

    • I used a combination of Yousowould’s, Dirt Man’s, and your techinique. Took me two weeks. But it was well worth it in the end. Once I get back to posting ‘normally’, you’ll hear about it.

    • Were I to rewrite this post, I’d say that making new mistakes and keeping track of old ones is the way forward.

      I wasn’t trying to avoid the pain, just avoid more of the same (revisiting old pain without learning anything new).


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