Thoughts On My Site’s Layout And Things

I’ve recently included a share tab at the bottom of my posts at behest of Bill Powell so that everyone can share my stuff. It’s hidden by a button, but it shares all the same on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Share what you will.

I put off including them and other features for so long because of my idea of aesthetics. That is to say, less is more. I’d rather say more things with fewer words. Brevity is the soul of wit. Same can be said with my blog design. A black background that captures you instead of distracting you, and that frames the beautiful header in the middle. I chose a constantly changing header because I myself am constantly changing. My normal accent, when I speak in of itself, constantly changes. Sometimes I can control it. Sometimes I can’t. Most of the time I don’t even notice. I don’t think I’ll be consistently one way or one person until I get into my thirties. It’s why I don’t plan to marry before I’m 34.

I don’t post everything on here because I try not to rehash points I’ve already made and I try not to clutter up my blog. But recently, due to laziness, I’ve been lax with posting. I’ve also posted mostly failures I feel, or posts self-critical of myself. I believe that if I can’t be honestly critical of myself, then ultimately I cannot press forward. There’s no point in lying to myself or my audience about how well I do or do not do. The good news is that I do have some victories and I think I there some things I have had the luck to learn by sweat alone without the usual emotional pain or blood.

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and those who have taken the time to comment. Starting this blog has been one of the best things I have ever done – it’s been really rewarding and I feel like it enables me to grow at a faster pace than ever before. It allows me to talk with men like Davis Aurini, Bill Powell, Dagonet, Koanic Soul, Bojangles and his crew, Dr. Illusion, Matt Forney, Ace, and others.

Since first starting correspondence with Bill in April of last year, I have grown faster than ever before. I am more motivated to learn from my mistakes because the results are tangible and easy to see, and I enjoy sharing my lessons and successes with these men.

My brother, when I was younger looked out for me. I looked up to him and he took care of me. I believed he was the best brother in the world. Unfortunately, because he was more than a decade older than me, there arose a gap between us as he left for college. I’ve never been able to see him much since then and get to know him as a person, more than just pleasant memories and cognitive dissonance caused by the clash of his memory and how behaves now. There is a gap I need to bridge – but I am not yet completely sure how.

Even then, you men are the brothers I never had, but needed all the same.


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