A Self Analysis of My Game 3

So, some quick thoughts on the state of my game.

At the moment, I am on the tip end of the spearhead of success I believe is coming my way. I am plus one for a total of five.

At the moment, I realize I still have not gotten with a lot of girls. I still brag to nearly all and sundry if I am really excited about a particular bang or thing I learned a bunch. At this stage of the game, I suppose it’s not a bad thing. It’s quite normal actually. I just gotta remember who I tell what so I don’t cock-block myself in the future from not growing out of the habit (or taming it somewhat).

I have progress on over-coming last-minute resistance. I am still slowly getting better.

I would say that overall, my biggest problem now, is a lack of experience and the attendant problems with that. I am still learning how to reliably get past last-minute resistance. I am still learning how to reliably lead a girl to make me finish the way I want. I am not good at getting a girl off. I have probably focused on the mind more than the body. I suppose I think that if I have the mind, the body will follow. Still, it’s not a bad problem to have.

Mostly I am focusing on getting mine. Enjoying myself. Getting what I want. I pay little attention to the wants and needs of my counterpart in comparison. I do not go down on girls and probably never will get into that much. I am still experimenting with how dominating, domineering, and how much of an asshole I can be. I don’t apologize for my own desires and am no longer ashamed for fantasies and sharing them with women.

My confidence has surged and the disbelief on the part of my family helps a lot. My sister thinks I am a monster. And now I don’t have to answer so many questions.

Dad -“So [Wald] – how tall is this girl?”

Me – “About a head taller than me.”

Dad – “How does that work for you?”

Sister – “[Wald] unfortunately has an answer for that question.”

Me – [Smile from ear to ear]

As for problems – I have no major problems at the moment. I still need to work on Salsa, but I am not in a good place for it now. Good thing I’ve got plenty life to live, still.


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