Don’t Just Walk Away

I was reading the Red Pill Reddit when I got linked to a thread where a user desribes suffering abuse at the hands of his girl friend and getting arrested in the process.

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I already believe that Law Enforcement is not on your side. Stories like this confirm this again and again. I believe arresting the man is precedent in cases of domestic violence calls, and what I see seems to follow this.

I give this man props for swiftly moving out. It was the right move. I can only hope he never saw that girl again.

I continued reading.

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This really pissed me off. In group betrayal is one of my hot buttons. The oblivious mistakes of youth are one thing. I have made some of my own. But such a betrayal at the ripe old age of 63 suggests that this mom is overripe and needs to be thrown out. I continued reading.

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There are several things I wish to address.

First off, the deck is stacked against you if you are a man in case of domestic dispute. The resources of the state, the media, and society at large are reading and waiting to be unleashed upon you should make the mistake of making the misstep of making your girlfriend angry. That doesn’t mean you are unable to solve the problem should such a dispute arise. No. Don’t get down on your knees and resign yourself to defeat. It simply means that you can not solve issues through conventional methods and channels.

Second. In each of these cases, all three men ended up in the advantageous position. They probably noticed better behavior from the offending women. What these men did not do, is strike back at these women with all they had. They should have. They should have black knighted. Fuck the notion that women are the weaker sex. In the game of deception and manipulating others, they’re more treacherous opponents. Secondly, they should receive the equality they claimed they so desired. Three, once stories of men winning these disputes and yes, crushing the females who dared use the system improperly against them reach the ears of other women, they’ll start to have second thoughts about being crazy bitches.

Speak of crazy bitches, that’s my third point. Women act like crazy bitches and get to blame bad (read: bitchy) behavior on being hormonal because we men, as a group let them get away with it. Too many men believe these excuses or let women off until they get burned themselves. But by then their change in attitude is mostly too late to save themselves. The three men above are lucky. If women expect us to master the better half our baser natures, so should we expect of them. To do so otherwise would be sexist, no?

Lastly, I wish to address the second example, of the crazy mom. If a family member ever, I mean, ever tries to pull that shit on you, never talk to them again. They are not worth your time. Let them get away with it once and next time you won’t be so lucky as to survive their antics in as good shape as you did before.

If you are gain one thing from this it is – when someone so thoroughly wrongs on a level consistent with the above, don’t just walk away. Leave them in a wake of wrath. Do whatever you can get away and then leave. Whatever you do, don’t just walk away.


P.S. I notice that sometimes I still get angry at this stuff when it hardly surprises me anymore. That’s part of the reason I have not been posting. But I also will take 9 days break from the manosphere. Posting. Reading. Commenting.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Just Walk Away

  1. I really, really try to avoid dramatic women, because these are the ones that are most likely to pull that kind of shit. I have to say, though, that the ones who don’t press charges make it worse as they encourage the woman to do it again in the future.

    • “I have to say, though, that the ones who don’t press charges make it worse as they encourage the woman to do it again in the future.”

      That’s exactly the point I wanted to make.

      Women view inaction and silence as acquiescence.

  2. Hey Wald,

    I’m surprised I’m at the end of your post because reading things like this makes me want to quit watching the negative ‘manosphere’ circles that some bloggers revel in. There’s a lot of wise lessons to be learnt from stories like these but, as you know from Reddit, people wallow in their hard time stories like pigs in shit.

    Your reaction of anger is very similar to mine and I can’t blame you at all for taking time off. It’s recommended we stop watching the news because it’s an endless report of the world’s worst occurrences and this manosphere can be the same.

    Reading too much negative brings negativity into your interactions with women.
    Lay reports have been replaced with these horror stories of injustice. Hope is being replaced with fear.

    • I agree with your points.

      As advantageous as it is to be jaded, I still choose to take a middle path. Dealing with the dealings of woman because I know and can enjoy them as opposed to because of hate.

      Though sometimes, hate is what she needs.

  3. They are all crazy as fuck. That’s something no man will ever realize until it’s slammed in his face. Mothers, girlfriends, wives, daughters or friends they are all batshit crazy if they are female. It’s time we all realized this reality. I didn’t think this was the case myself until lately. My own experiences have proven me wrong.

    • I believe the “crazy as fuck” burns men who are unaware of it and don’t know how to handle it.

      Perhaps you could short hand manosphere advice to – “bitches be crazy, yo”

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