Freshly Pressed From The Grapevine

So, it’s been just over a week in summer school for me.

Tonight, I was treated to a front-row seat to Sergeant Major’s speech on not having sex in barracks to the new kids here for the summer program before the university begins in earnest. Apparently, two of them wasted no time in getting in on – no more than five hours within arrival on post. It’s their first day. [Edit: Un-confirmed. Probably false. Was fun to joke about anyway.]

I also overheard, and by overheard I mean double checked and got confirmation, that in the semester I was away, my university managed to bust a prostitution ring of three or four female underclassmen. Apparently light was shed on this ring when the Post Chaplain walked in on a underclassmen and his upper-class adviser spit roasting one of the female she-dets in an academic building.

Ignorant of human nature as ever or willfully ignoring its reality to keep receiving state funds, the facility of this fine institution no doubt scratch their heads at this. How could such a thing as this happen here? How, in a barracks of 1,600 of souls, roughly 12% of which are female and 100% of which are lonely?

Just like in the submarines in the Navy, wishful thinking will not prevent human nature from rearing its fecund head.


9 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed From The Grapevine

    • They sure do. We’ve come a long way.

      And people complain about women forced into trafficking their bodies for monetary gain.

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