How to order a Döner in Turkish

In Germany, Berlin is famous for its Turkish Food, which is their version of easy to eat fast food. Chief among the Turkish food is the Döner, which is basically beef, sandwiched by onions, lettuce, tomatoes, a sauce of your choice, and pita bread. It usually costs around 2.80 Euros (3.70 Dollars) and takes about 5 minutes to make. It is similar to fast food like McDonald’s and the like in the speed of creation. The quality, however, is much, much better.

I submit that in a contest between the Döner and the Currywurst, Berlin’s other famous dish, the Döner comes out ahead a clear winner. It’s cheap, delicious, and not terrible for your waistline.

I learned how to order a Döner in Turkish in addition to ordering it in German. Doing so has brought me many smiles and better service than the average bear. They really do appreciate it if you try, if only a little.

For you edification, I present to you how I go about ordering Döner.

Me: Merhaba, na silsen?

Hey – how are you?

Them: Merhaba, iyiyim. Sen?

Hello. Good and you?

Me: Mukemmelim. Bir Döner (lütfen) istiyorum. Tomatis sis!

Glorious. I would like a Döner (please). Without tomatoes.

Them: Sos?


Me: Sarımsak


Them: Iki-sekzen


Me:  Teşekkür Arkada! Gorüsurüz!

Thank you my friend. Good bye!

Them: Teşekkür! Gorüsurüz!

Thank you! Good bye!

If you’re ever in Berlin for an extended period of time, consider ordering your Döner in Turkish. You’ll find that you get better service and remembered quick.



5 thoughts on “How to order a Döner in Turkish

  1. Hey Wald,

    iki-sekiz (read icky seckiss) which means “two, eight” or it will be funny because seks = sex. If You mean “two, eighty”, it is “iki sekzen” (read icky zack zen)

    friend = arkadas (read arka dush)

    By the way, Döner means that it turns itself, Kebab is the meat…and it was invented in Germany.

    Have fun in Berlin.

    • Thanks for the information. I’ll keep it in mind next time I return.

      P.S. Thanks for the correction – I updated the post.

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