Blog Shout-Out: LaidNYC

I first notice LaidNYC as a commentator on ROK.

I discovered his blog sometime in the last two weeks and it is absolutely phenomenal. Tonight, I read one post, and another, and then another, and before I knew it, I had read every post and every comment.

LaidNYC is an excellent blog and I look forward to seeing more.

Here are several of his best posts (my opinion of course) in no particular order:

The Parable of Mark and Lauren

Do Naturals Have Little Sisters?

The Night I Invented Game and Lost My Virginity

How to Get Tonnes of Pussy in College

Shut Up

One could learn a lot from just those five posts alone.


5 thoughts on “Blog Shout-Out: LaidNYC

    • Some of his posts remind me of myself. Not to sound conceited – rather I think he talks about points every man can relate to.

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