Think About the Implications

I was reading comments on the post I made about Bullet Proof Industries, a private paramilitary security organization.

I believe the points Leap of Beta & I made in the comment section and the reply to it should have been in the original post. But hey – that’s why I’m in the manosphere – to talk to everybody.

Leap of Beta commented first:

I don’t ever understand why people think companies don’t take protests seriously. Money and profits are far more serious to them than the cute little protest is to protesters’ “Ideals”.

If you aren’t willing to bleed for something, you likely shouldn’t be doing an open protest. Or take great, GREAT pains to make it clear you are both respectful and non-violent, to avoid this kind of escalation. Otherwise, find other ways to make your opinion known.

I replied in kind:

The[y] think “the man” no longer exists after the “victories” won from the civil rights movement of the 60s and the hippy movement shortly after (or alternatively, that the emperor has no clothes).

None of the parents of these protesters bothered to educate them on some of the harsh realities of life.


Aside from that, what is interesting to me, is how companies take it upon themselves to hire their own paramilitaries for defense instead of relying on the police and the state. I have no doubt that the paramilitary service is not cheap and the companies would not pay for their services if it was [not] worth the cost.

If you’ve ever played Metal Gear Solid games or perhaps know of any of the history of Russia after the fall of communism – you may see a pattern about to develop. Namely – there will be more and more companies to provide services such as Bulletproof Securities as more people realize the profitability of the work. As their services turn cheaper as more firms enter the market, their pricing may enter the price range of certain communities and enclaves, in lieu of relying on the police this company.

The only question is how far will this pattern go? Will neighborhoods use companies such as these to protect themselves from criminals in the government too?

Leap of Beta finished with:

I’m away from my computer to find the article but there are many companies doing that, neighborhood watches getting more armed, and some non-profits that are oriented around helping lower middle class get fire arms, trained, and concealed carries to defend their families from the lower class

Take a while to think about the implications of the conclusions of this conversation.


3 thoughts on “Think About the Implications

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  2. Definetly a developing reality. When I was visiting NOLA a few years back, in their wealthiest neighborhood, there were actual private ARMED security guards driving around in golf carts. Bear in mind, this wasn’t a gated community. I asked around and it turns out that after Katrina the homeowners hired security during the brief period of WTROL. Once the police finally came back, the home owners decided to keep the security on the pay roll since, like the poor and black residents of NOLA, they didn’t trust the police.

    Even a weeks days ago I heard a wealthier business owner joking about hiring private security to police the neighborhoods that his business was located. Though it was in jest, there was a touch of sincerity in his voice.

    • If you look through the Tillyian lense of state formation – these private securities may be one of the catalysts for a gradual, silent redundance of the state. As soon as the masses act in bad faith aaand achieve group consciousness of the fact – I see little other choice the government has other than to pull back or to declare martial law.

      Currently it looks like the government is pulling back (saying that butter is better than margarine and similar things) to keep the sheep on the meat hook a while longer until they can stir up a national disaster and declare martial law and claim a shred of legitimacy.

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