Love Dogs and Get Laid

LaidNYC says on his latest post:

I have been against monetizing this blog.  It’s been all about the message.

You may have noticed the extremely minimal site design with no ads, popups, mailing list or products.

That is, until last week, when you may have seen that I sent out a shout on twitter that I was putting out an ebook.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Well, my dog went blind two weeks ago.

At first the vet thought it was something called immune-mediated retinopathy, which is pretty nasty and incurable.  However, after further exams they decided the problem was with her lens.  Some “bubbling”,  and it can be fixed with surgery.

The price? Around $5000.

With no pet insurance, a little steep.

I plan to give and I hope some of you can afford to do the same.



What do you think about that?