Quick Arguments Thought of While Waiting On A Someone

The other day, I was waiting to meet up with someone. She was late as always – but it mattered not. The time spent while I was waiting on her was well spent. I let my thoughts drift and found myself wanting for a pen and paper. All I could get was the back of a receipt to write on.

Argument 1:

Sure, it is normal for some animals to be homosexual. It is also normal for monkeys to fling their poop.

Argument 2:

A woman’s happiness lies with a supportive family and cooking, for in the end, her looks will fade and family and cooking will be all she has left or ever need.

Argument 3:

The biggest fear of the politically active homosexual is that he has nothing of worth to his name besides owning and accepting his own sexual orientation – and no one even gives a shit about that.

Argument 4:

The biggest fear of the politically active feminist is that now woman are “equal” with men – and no one truly gives a shit about her opinions, even now.

Argument 5:

If you desire equality with someone by bringing them down to your level – you don’t wish to be as good as them so much as you don’t want them to be better than you.

Argument 6:

When a woman sees it fit to use her own example to discredit an argument of mine, I like to use one of her own discredit her attempt to discredit; I remind her that NAWALT.

That’s all for today, class dismissed.


2 thoughts on “Quick Arguments Thought of While Waiting On A Someone

  1. Haha. Here is another one:

    The minorities cry out at the cis white men precisely because they know that they are better. It is always the kids who protest against their parents, never the other way around.

    And only bad parents deny the kids the wish to be put in their place.

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