We Watch Too Many Goddamn Movies

I was talking with my roommate the other day about how we both miss Berlin. We got to the subject of watching German TV, where I mentioned Tat Ort, a show the Germans love to watch on Sundays.

Apparently we both like the same German TV shows. He remarked that they were predictable.

Yeah, it’s because we watch too many goddamn movies“, I said. “Surprise! Another plot twist I did not see coming! Oh my…the foreboding character turned out to be the evil one!

And then it hit me. This is how older people see life. They’ve seen all the movies, tv shows, an have got the t-shirt[s] for it. They’ve seen nearly all the plot twists.

When my friend recounted how he told his grandfather that he wanted to study abroad in Germany again, his grandfather replied, “You can’t bullshit a bullshittter“. They both knew that my friend wanted to see a special lady again.

When i told my father, last year May, that I didn’t want to go to Munich to see the Zugspitz, he told me a while after about a phone conversation he had with my brother over the phone.

Summed up in one sentence?

It’s either girls or money.

He was 100 percent right.

As I get further along in my journey, through the accumulation of my own experineces and hearing the experiences of others, I’m starting to see more plot twists coming than I’d ever think I could. Nowadays I’m most right when I venture a guess. And the one plot twist I never saw coming is that sometimes I wish I wasn’t.


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