Your Daily Game and a Small Reflection

Was at the her prom the other night – suited up. Danced with her and walked around despite not paying for a ticket to the event. I decided I wanted to get our picture drawn. While waiting in line, shortly before it was our turn, she wanted to dance with her friends.

“I’m want to dance with my friends, I’ll be back, okay?”


“Hold my purse?”

[Quick shake of the head]

“Okay, no!”….[walks away smiling]

How about that. It wasn’t the end of the world.

Four years ago – I think I would have reached for the bag without a second thought.


3 thoughts on “Your Daily Game and a Small Reflection

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  2. A hot French in Peru asked me to hold her coconut. I reflexively did it and immediately grew angry. Luckily, she asked again and I spat in her face: What am I, your night table?

    She said sorry.

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