Reflections on Sisyphus

One moment when I was alone with my thoughts, I was reflecting on the story of Sisyphus.


For those unfamiliar with the story a basic summary is here. That article has its own interpretations.

In reflection, I thought of my own. Namely, Sisyphus’s Task represents the human condition; humanity’s greatest fear and greatest desire. The fear is that all one’s efforts are fruitless – that one’s accomplishments and actions don’t matter. Such anguish resides in the eyes of those who see the fruits of their efforts crumble right before them, into nothingness. Yet, at the same time, the neverending sisyphyean task is human’s ultimate desire. Why? Because to be human is to struggle. Life is struggle. Inertia is death. I believe that mankind works best when he has a mountain to climb. Sisyphus resembles the neverending mountain, a journey without end. When he rolls that rock up the hill day after day, week after week, he has a purpose in life.

Why would a man wish for a neverending mountain? Because…at the top of the mountain, it’s nothing but downhill from there.


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