Random Thoughts #2

Every now and then I have random thoughts which I think I should really write down.

So here’s round two:

I was thinking about sitting down in class at university and how apathetic about my studies I was. Then I thought about moving around. Walking. Why didn’t I just run everywhere? If I did, I would get places faster and surely be able to run faster and farther than before.

Then it hit me.

People complain about obesity in kids these days. I remember reading about tips on “avoiding a sedentary lifestyle” when I was in high school in England. But all of that’s bullshit.

It’s schools, man! Kids go to school and sit on their asses for 8 hours straight. That’s 5 days a week, 36 (roughly) weeks out of the year, for 12 goddamn years. Then at college, you get to pay for the privilege of sitting on your ass for 4 more years. It’s no wonder that so many kids skip classes to go drinking, to sleep, to do anything other than sit down and pretend to care about the memorization of bullshit.

No wonder kids are conditioned to sit around all day and do nothing. Heck, I hear schools nowadays are even getting rid of recess. People forget that kids have tons of energy and drug them when they find that those poor little guys have trouble sitting still.


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #2

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  2. Yeah true, when I was a kid we had an hour for lunch and several 20 minute breaks. Nowadays it’s almost no recess and 25 minute lunch,

      • Civilization always did one thing kinda well for me. Blunt the pain of existence. TV shows, movies, food, alcohol. Truly, a perfect variety of distractions. But take away the distractions and what is left? How much potential for true joy is there in civilization as we know it?

        • Depends on what kind of civilization and at what stage it is.

          Provided equal opportunity for work and marriage among men, I imagine there’s much joy to find.

          The same bond between father and son that you are often jealous of, you would get to enjoy as a father yourself someday; and the circle of life would continue.


          • Equal opportunity for work? Your use of the word ‘equal’ shames you. It is beside the point, in any case. It is irrelevant for any individual whether they have the ‘same chances’ as others. What matters is whether they get to live the life of their dreams.

            Yeah, but that bond I could enjoy in a tribe as well and maybe much better. Look at us men. We gather on the internet, scattered throughout the world. In another version of reality, we may just be one clan among many, enjoying each day in each other’s company and learning from each other, learning from our elders and teaching our youngest what we know.

            • I make the point about work and love because I think those things satisfy men on deeper levels. You can define work as anything (hunting for the tribe for example). Working for your dream is work regardless of how you feel about it (as if it’s fun as opposed to boring work).

              How does it shame me? I don’t understand that sentence. Might want to rephrase that.

              What are tribes but civilization on a smaller organizational scale?


            • Is the correct phrase ‘puts you to shame’? Meaning to say: It embarasses you. Like something you would say to someone who overeats all the time and thus ruins his otherwise great reputation.

              The difference that I see is the scale. Civilization is much too large for the connection to mean anything. I have read about a study that said that various social animals have a limited capacity of forming deep bonds.

              If your tribe consists of 300 million people, the relationship is meaningless and likely to only be about a common ideology. In a tribe of 100-150 people, though, you could actually intimately care about each and every member and solve many problems without law.

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