What is she looking at?

A post for the younger fellows and close to completely inexperienced with girls crowd.

For the longest time, I was not really sure when a girl wanted to kiss me. If you’ll recall, this inability to read women manifested in quite a memorable lesson.

About three years ago, I took a girl to what’s called Midwinter Formal, a special dance. She was a friend of a friend, red headed, tall, and not too bad looking up close. When she came to the dance, she cleaned up well and had a nicer figure than her Facebook photos suggested.

After dancing the night away, playing the meet, fuck, kill game (and constantly picking people I knew she’d say she kill), I could tell she was having a good time. We got to slow dancing. I took a few liberties with my hand placement without being too brazen. It got the point where I’d notice her staring in my eyes and not moving her head when my face was closer to hers. Eventually, I moved in and she closed the rest of the distance resulting in a memorable night whereby my dog tags jingling in the dark of night alerted my 6 roommates that my was not quite over.

The lesson didn’t hit me until I asked my virgin, ginger roommate how his night went.

Me: Did you have a good time?

Him: Why yes, I did.

Me: Did you kiss her?

Him: No.

Me: Why not?

Him: It was not the right time. She wasn’t in the right place for it right then.

Me: Did you ever have a moment where she was looking in your eyes and you found yourself thinking, “What in the world is she looking at?”

Him: Yes.

Me: That’s when you should have kissed her.

If a girl wants to kiss you, you’ll know by how she does not recoil to your touch and doesn’t make much effort to move her head around when you move in and out of close proximity of her face. She’ll start to look in your eyes with a longing gaze that you may not recognize until you kiss a few more girls.

If you ever catch yourself wondering what she’s looking at, stop thinking about it and kiss her.


8 thoughts on “What is she looking at?

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  3. I like the ‘just do it’ idea. At a party, I was dancing with a girl and then we were holding each other. That is, I put my elbow around her neck as if I owned her and she put her arm around my body in response. Funny how these things need no words. She drank from her drink. I kissed her and said: Does not taste too bad.

    She interrupted the kuss quickly, though, even the second time. Turns out she was the girlfriend of a colleague who was there, too. Fuck.

      • The cool thing was, although she stopped me kissing her IN FRONT OF her boyfriend – which I did not know at the time – she then in front of him typed her number into my phone when I gave it to her. This also did not require any word from me. Non-verbal communication and indifference is a beast!

        I was on quite an ‘ego trip’, though, and even after I found out, sent her a whatsapp message that I want to fuck her. The bitch showed it to him and it cost me his goodwill. Oh, well.

        • Sounds like one of those all star moments in a highlight reel.

          As for texting girls with intentions, better to be vague (let’s hang out, watch a movie sometime, anything). That way she has plausible deniability. When you’ve already fucked a girl, though, you can break a lot of these rules.


          • Hm. It felt really ordinary, actually. Right, you know. The way it should be. I was quite terrified, but that is to be expected with so little experience and my background.

            Plausible deniability, yeah. It bites itself with my wish to be bold and direct, though. I will have to make my own experiences there and conclude whether obfuscation is necessary.

            • You’re right. My best moments, my best game, is when everything feels normal. With enough experience, even when you feel terrified and nervous, it will rarely show through.

              Bold and direct works better in person and not within earshot of other people.

              Agreed. Your mileage may vary (as in better to go by your experience than mine, at least in the long run).


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