The Founding Fathers Are My Heroes

Not much of interest is known about the founding Fathers of America. Even less is taught in schools. Yet, every once a blue moon, something comes out. Yes. Sometimes on yahoo. Today I point out to you the fascinating drinking habits of the founding Fathers. Our highlight will be the drinking habits of one Luther Martin:

Luther Martin

Of the Maryland lawyer who refused to sign the Declaration of Independence on the grounds that it insufficiently respected states rights, historian Lawrence Goldstone wrote: “No one, perhaps in the whole of American history, could drink with Luther Martin.” The “heaviest drinker of that period of heavy drinking men” would excuse his habit with quips like “In the heat of the summer, my health requires that I should drink in abundance to supply the amazing waste from perspiration.” The brilliant Martin was high-functioning enough to get away with it, though sometimes he had to get creative: once when representing a Quaker in court he committed to “not drink a drop,” so instead poured 90-proof brandy over bread, ate it with a fork and knife, and then proceeded to win.

Enjoy the rest of that article responsibly, please.


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    • I imagine more people think his name is Martin Luther’s name backwards as opposed to a founding father.

      The interesting history is rarely found in or taught from textbooks.


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