Random Thought: Relationships Are Reverse Chess

Think about playing chess. When you play the game, you try to outsmart your opponent to checkmate his king. As you get better at playing the game, you learn to think several moves ahead. As you start to get to good at playing the game, you start to think ten or more moves ahead.

With relationships, every day you deal with the relationship, you’re playing a game of reverse chess. You play according to how the relationship is today, and how it was three hours, three days, three weeks, or three months ago. Women, with their masterful memories, lodging exact dates of arguments, what you said verbatim, and other otherwise innocuous actions play the game this way. This is why I think guys are surprised when relationships fail – they fail to think far enough in the past and fail to accurately identify fault lines in the relationship.

Players who find themselves surprised may accurate identify fault lines, but find themselves being outclassed in the ‘reverse chess match’ if they don’t deal with them right away.


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            • That’s the date that spawned the reasoning behind why I think I have a way around this all.

              As for taxes – that sounds brutal.

              Will your solution be temporary or final?



            • Yesterday? This all? I am intrigued.

              Well, for now, there is no solution. I applied for a non-impoundable bank account and I just hope to somehow keep living for now.

              I mean I could get some kind of good programming job and would get rid of the trouble within a year. But I fucking hate sitting at the desk. A year spent doing something I hate just to pay people whom I owe nothing? Sounds like a fucked up idea.

          • Thanks.

            Most ‘reasonable’ people would just say: Two things are certain in life – death and taxes.

            Which would make me nothing but an irresponsible brat. And in a way, I am that. But then, you gotta make those experiences, do you not.

            I am also curious what will happen about the cops I insulted.

            They charged me with insult and when I came to them into the office, the one I insulted looked into my eyes and asked: ‘Well, am I an asshole?’

            I looked back into his eyes and said: You took my stuff. Yes, you are an asshole.

            For the record, I let the cop write it down like this: I did it, I stand behind it and I regret nothing.

            This shit is fun.

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