My Life’s Dream

I discovered my life’s dream after much conversation with Mitch Sturges in December of 2012. I finally wrote down the idea in January 2013 and sent emails out, later in the year, to several bloggers like Robert from 30 Days to X to test out how my idea sounded .

I still have my dream and I’m still working towards it. I thought I might share it, two years later. Here is part of an email I sent. A few things have changed since then, but I’ll include that in another post.

I’ve been sending my ideas for the manosphere and myself to a couple of people, and I grew curious of what you would think, because you’re around my age. It may take a little while to read, but if you can manage, tell me what you think.

I have two dreams: one dream of mine is for the manosphere but involves me. I wish for some day that the men of the manosphere are not anonymous to each other. I wish for some day where each man can help another whether it is helping out with game advice, fashion advice, fitness advice, or work advice. Maybe some men who are entrepreneurs can offer jobs to men within the manosphere. I hope for it to be a community that is independent of the current, poisonous western society, though it lives within it. From this community, we could gain enough momentum to change society or transcend it. I do not know how to best do this. What I am trying to do right now, is meet as many men of the manosphere as possible. I have emailed you, young gunner, and will email the blogger Xsplat at a later point. I am overseas so I offer conversation through skype. But when I am back in the US and either of you guys are nearby, the first round is on me. I believe that if everyone in the manosphere got to know one another, a sense of community would arise naturally. I would like to see the manosphere organized, certainly before it goes mainstream.

Kind of like a secret society, we would exert an influence, from behind the scenes. If everyone got to know one another, the Dead Beta Society would be a tangible reality I think. I find it hard to convert the average man off the street to the red pill, or even close friends. But if a large enough group of men got together, suddenly, mass conversions are a reality. The very reason I have a blog, besides getting out my own thoughts or experiences, is to communicate with the men of the manosphere, because they will more readily talk to and trust someone with an online presence. Because I have invested my time and energy into being a part of the same manosphere, I cannot tattle tale on them to the media, for we share the same secret. That is the same reason I have joined the Roosh V forum. I have posted alot more this last year to build up more of an online presence so that I am part of the in group and have more influence to help get to know more people. I have contacted one guy who is doing an online datng script. I talked to him once on skype and we got along right away.


My second dream, is my life’s dream in detail. My highest goal, is to live forever, through the memory of man. To that end, I wish to buy an island off the coast of Brazil and make my own island. I have been in contact with Bill Powell of Apocalypse Cometh and Dr. Illusion of Illusion of Insanity (and I am filling out Young Gunner on my plans). I plan to make the country self-sustainable in both energy needs, shelter, and nourishment. Bill Powell says he has found an island 56 miles of the coast of Brazil, 1164 acrs, for $4 million. I hope to buy the island and have like minded men of the manosphere move to the island so that we can change the world in peace. In theory, the island would be too small to attract the strategic interest of nations, and therefore we would be free to operate on our own terms, undisturbed. As part of the plan, Bill and I discussed starting an alcohol business, for rum, using inexpensive sugar cane. I would hope to be successful and be the best selling rum in Brazil. From there I would try to reverse the effects of feminism in Brazil and make it a red pill country before moving onto the world.

Meanwhile, I would buy up hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, clubs, bars, newspapers, and hostels in the capitals of the world. That way, where ever a citizen of my country, or a man of the manosphere, goes, he would be able to eat, drink, and sleep somewhere for free. If I bought up newspapers, I could silence feminist propaganda at the least, if not counteract it with my own. Fnally, by owning hostels, I would be able to imbue the red pill in the younger generations who like travel (or set up spots for manosphere men) and counteract western poison one youth at a time. My ideas are constantly developing. My idea for my country is developing. And I know I do not have all the skills I need. I do know that there are men in the manosphere who do have skills I need. And if we were a community, I could utilize that to buy, and later, develop a home for the manosphere.

Those are my dreams. How do they sound?


Part 2

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  2. I’m landed in Montana. Would have no problem pulling red pill youngsters out of the city to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective.

    Talk to Koanic. He is developing a internet syestem like you are describing.

    And lastly… If u need someone to haul kegs… Keep ole Grody in mind.

    • Thank you, Grody.

      I plan to make a small road trip sometime this year before I commission and I’d like to head out your way and talk about the future over a beer.

      I’ve already spoken extensively with Koanic, though we’ve not been in touch for over a year.

      I’ll be in touch with you when I get a free moment this week or weekend.


  3. Bold. I like it.
    The thought of purchasing a spit of sand and starting my own take on society has always been attractive. I wonder how long it’d last before the mainstream media found out, wrote it off as a misogynistic cult and invaded red pill paradise.

    • Thank you Claude.

      I think it depends on what do you with your spit of sand and the people who you allow to find purchase on it. The beauty of my dream, which I’ll explain in my next post, is that it would suffice for me to only have my spit of land and have it sustainable for a family or three. It would be a place to relax, recover, and bide one’s time.


      • You’re taking the ‘sitting poolside’ metaphor to completely new and outlandish levels. I can identify with the need to remove myself from society every once in a while, but I thrive in bustling metropoles. I definitely see the appeal of owning a personal island though.

        • I hardly consider it ‘sitting poolside’.

          I intend to carry out my dream to the fullest extent possible. I was making the point that in a sense, my dream is a Xanatos gambit for I’ll be happy if I achieve things beyond my wildest dreams, if I merely have an island and a safe space for my family to live, or if I die trying.

          Would I prefer living in a bustling metropolis? Yes.

          I’ve lived in four capital cities in four different countries. But I think a change is coming. I’m not sure what.

          And I would be loathe to live in a bustling metropolis when the power goes out, the gas runs out, and the food supply dwindles faster than expected. That very same bustling metropolis, full of energy and life, because a bucket of crabs that you’d be lucky to escape with your life from it.

          Sure – maybe I exaggerate – but I do it to make the point.

          At the end of the day, though, I’ll not tell you how to accomplish your dreams or even deign to know what they are.


          • ‘Sitting poolside’ as in watching the world burn from a distance, mind you. Not suggesting you’re gonna be slacking off. But I see your point. And like I said, your dreams are bold and sound like something immensely fun to be involved in.

  4. By early 2016 I will own some acreage in the rural west. Not entirely decided what comes next; just needs a foundation.

    • Been a while since we last spoke, Jack.

      I ought to be in touch with you soon, at least to touch base. I hope all is well with you and your acres.


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