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A friend once wrote:

“I don’t know about you, but I learn more from 1 mistake than from 100 successes”.

That sounds about right. I’d add that when I have a success, I learn what works, but not why it works (and not always specifically what exact thing worked). When I make a mistake, I generally learn exactly what didn’t work, and why soon after.

The same friend also said:

“Love is going to hurt you. Deal with it through music. And be thankful when you do.”

I’d add – if you can’t play an instrument, listen to all the sad songs you can handle. Eventually the pain will go and the phase will pass. You’ll move on and people will forget. Bad poetry and drunk text messages, however, are forever.


Even when it seems that your world is crumbling all around you – try not to lose all hope. Take the victories when you can, no matter how small. You’ll be surprised by how many chances you get in this life if you refuse to accept defeat (or can’t).


5 Saddest Songs I appreciate?

  1. On a Valentine’s Day – Linkin Park
  2. In Pieces – Linkin Park
  3. Mad World – Gary Jules
  4. Whiskey Lullaby – Bradley Paisley, Alison Krauss
  5. Comptine D’un Autre  été L’après-midi – Yann Tiersen


10 of Life’s Simplest Pleasures?

In no particular order:

1. That almost euphoric relief after a much needed pee.
2. Finding something to laugh about with my best friend
3. Spending time with my Dad or my mother
4. Ice cold Yuengling, right after work, when I’ve no more obligations for the day
5. A full eight hours of sleep.
6. Everything leading up to the first kiss.
7. Being recognized for a quality I’ve been trying to improve for years.
8. Seeing the enjoyment in the eyes of someone who’s tasted my well cooked, marinated steak.
9. A book enthralling enough that you leave this world as soon as you read but one sentence.
10. Reading people correctly.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

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  2. You have to let yourself learn from the mistakes. That is, you need to feel the pain. Then your subconscious becomes wiser than through hundred books. Unfortunately, expression and thus personal perception of pain is shamed in the older generations, making you dissociate frpm it. By saying ‘a man feels no pain’ or ‘a man does nor cry’, one becomes unable to learn from the pain and thus unable to recognize these dogmad for the cruel militaristic indoctrination they are.

    In other words: If you let yourself feel the pain that is done to you, you automatocally come to the conclusion that some of it means you no good and you then avoid it. This kind of emotional intelligence is a threat to our slave masters who need us to be obedient. If we do not let ourselves feel how we feel about that kind of obedience, we can never identify it for the evil it us.

    So a woman mistreats ypu and thsn says: That should not hurt you! Weakling! Be a man and do the right thing for us precious women. You think we treat you bad? How dare you even think that, you sinful and bad person. If you want me to love you, you better let go of those thoughts, you ungrateful bastard!

    Ironically, if you then did allow yourself to think the though, you would realize that the thing they propose to earn their love actually makes them treat you even worse. But the fear of losing your entitlement to their love keeps you from ever finding that out.

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