Whatever P.3

The wretched King Minos has decided your fate. His tale wraps around his body 2 times.

The sweet light no longer strikes against your eyes. Your shade has been banished to… the Second Level of Hell!
Second Level of Hell
Levels of Hell
Take Dante’s Inferno Hell Test and see how damned you truly are.

4 thoughts on “Whatever P.3

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  2. Oh my god, damn it.

    By this test, god should hate me. Luckily, I know that is not true.

    First two like you.
    Level 2 – Extreme
    Level 3 & 4 – High
    Level 5 – Very High
    Level 6 – High
    Level 7 – Very High
    Level 8 – High
    Level 9 – Very High

    Is that bad enough to get me banned from your blog?

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